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Faraday's Poems
Started by: faraday

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Puddin' Pop

Gender: Female

laughing out loud I write sexual stories as well.

Here's one thanks to boredom & secret guilty pleasures.

Audrey sat on the couch, warming herself up with a cup of hot chocolate and wrapping herself up in blankets. She snuggled into the couch, slowly sipping her drink. There was nothing good on television tonight, just ridiculous talk shows gossiping about celebrities. She wasn’t very into that. She thought it rude and insulting.
She glanced at the small clock on the table in front of her. Her lips slowly spread into a small smile.
Derek would be home soon.
She got up and went to change into shorts and took out one of Derek’s shirts from the closet. She loved wearing his clothes. They were so comfortable and she loved breathing in the smell the clothes gave off. They smell exactly like him.

She heard a low rumble and grinned. She heard the car door open and softly slammed shut, followed by quiet footsteps walking towards the front door. She skipped downstairs, smiling and opened the door to welcome him. She leaped onto him and wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, inhaling deeply. She closed her eyes and smiled.

“Hey, honey,” his voice, soft and loving, whispered into her ear. “Hey, you,” she whispered back. He gently pulled her away from him and together, they walked up into their bedroom. He went to have a shower while Audrey sat on the bed, reading a romance novel. She heard the shower being turned off and looked up to find her love wrapped up in a towel, still dripping wet. She unconsciously licked her lips as she studied his body. It was so sexy and such a turn on. Even if he did have a pouch, it didn’t matter to her. He was still so beautiful, inside and out. He ran his fingers through his black hair, which was clinging to his forehead.

“You’re so sexy, you know that?” she teased him from the bed. He looked at her and grinned, “Why, thank you.” She giggled and smiled lovingly at him. He smiled back and walked over to her, sitting next to her on the bed. “You’re cleaning the sheets,” she chuckled. He just smiled at her. Audrey started to feel that warm, tingly feeling inside of her. He reached out and moved away the random strands of hair that was in her face. He looked deep into her chocolate brown eyes, as he caressed her cheek with one hand. He pulled her close to him and brought his head down on her, their foreheads touching. “I missed you,” he muttered, his fingers tracing her jaw line. She shuddered from his touch, feeling all tingly and warm inside. “I missed you too, Derek,” she whispered.

Then, there was silence.

Audrey felt his sweet breath fanning over her face. Their noses were mere inches apart from one another. She locked eyes with him and saw him lean in closer, closing the space between them and kissed her softly on the lips. She responded instantly, returning his sweet kiss, moving her lips against his gently. After a few moments, they broke apart and looked at each other. Audrey bit her lip. Derek saw this and asked, “What is it?”

Audrey sighed and smiled at him, “Nothing really. It’s just…”
Derek looked at her.
“It’s just that, you dazzle me so. It may be hard to believe, but I’m still nervous around you. Even after being together for more than a year, I’m not sure how to act around you sometimes. You’re so different from other people I know, so full of surprises. You make me smile and laugh like no other can. I’m not… very sure on how to explain it better, but you really do,” she blushed, “You probably know this but I’m so happy and thankful to have you in my life.”

He smiled at her, and pulled her into a tight embrace. Feeling his skin against her made her shiver with delight. She looked into his eyes and saw love shining from them.

He brought his head down to hers and kissed her with passion. Audrey’s heart beat skipped a few beats at taste of his cool lips once more, and knew that he loved her. She couldn’t help but think that her love for him grew over the past months. He gently laid back onto the bed, taking her with him. He pulled her on top on him and began to take off his shirt that she was wearing slowly as he turned them over, pining her underneath him. He threw the clothe and his towel lightly onto the chair next to the bed.
His lips pressed firmly yet sweetly against hers, and lined her jaw with kisses, continuing down her neck. His hands traced across her breasts and went to her back, unhooking her bra. He pressed kisses against her shoulder and went to the hollow beneath her ear, making her moan softly from the pleasure.

His hands slowly traveled down from her breasts to her waist, gently squeezing them, and down to her shorts, where he slid his hands in and touched her sensitive areas, which made her gasped in pleasure and surprise. She removed her shorts with his assistance, and threw it onto the chair as well. She laid beneath him in nothing but her own skin, and him completely naked above her. He kissed down from her lips all the way down to her navel, making her arch her back.

He kissed her lips passionately once again, and pressed his manhood against her thighs. He glanced up from the kiss, and she nodded, her lips slightly parted. He kissed her once more, sliding his tongue into her mouth, licking hers. He pressed closer, and entered her.

She gasped and arched her back as he did so. They became one, and she pulled him to her more. She moaned as he thrusted into her, in and out, kissing her neck softly for added pleasure. He slid his arm behind her back and slid it up between her shoulder blades, pressing down on her lightly. She moan again and again, and cried out his name as he increased the speed and pressure. He moaned into her mouth slightly, gasping. He whispered her name into her ear softly. She smiled, and brought him in for a hard kiss. He groaned, “Oh, you torture me so,” and moved down into me with more urgency.

She let the pleasure consume her completely, gasping, moaning, crying out her lover’s name as he pumped into her.

Hours later, she laid with Derek, her head on his chest. He traced patterns onto her back soothingly, savoring their closeness. She looked up at him, and caught him watching her. He smiled and leaned down to kiss her, then pulled back. She sighed with contentment, and snuggled into his chest. He pulled her close, cuddling with her, and they both fell asleep, to find themselves waking up in the morning, remembering a night filled with pleasure and love.

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