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Episode #3 - Shadow of Malevolence
Started by: Outbound

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HEhehe... it's... "You know, for kids."


Old Post Oct 30th, 2008 11:06 PM
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Kyuzo: Don't you see? A real sword will kill you.
Mr. Earl Brooks: If I were here to kill you, you would already be dead.
Mercedes: My mother told me to be wary of Fauns.
Mr. Le Chiffre: No, I believe in a reasonable rate of return.
James Bond: Now the whole world will know you died while you were scratching my balls!

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Shadow of Malevolence

The pain continues, but is less. This is starting to feel like a hangover.

Fortune cookies rock.

Y-Wings: They’re back baby!

Sounds: The Y-wing and the Torrent sounds are just stellar throughout the episode, especially during take off and landings form the Star Destroyer.

Clone names: the tip of Matchstick’s engine catches on fire...Tag dies when Matchstick slams into him...anyone seeing a trend? It rocks.

Grievous knocking off droids: Yeah baby, ‘cept it makes Grandpa Dooku mad...

Dialogue: The dalogue between Anakin, Plo, and Ahsoka mid-flight was pretty decent.
OT dialogue: There correct ways to reference the OT. The presence of Y-wings is a reference, or Yoda’s laugh in Ambush. There are also wrong ways to do it, LIKE REPEATING OT DIALOGUE EVERY OTHER MINUTE. If nothing good in Star Wars has happened since 1983, maybe we should stop making new things.

I have a bad feeling about this....: See above. But NEVER in the saga has it been repeated by a bad guy. We don’t care about bad guy’s feelings...and droids don’t have feelings ANYWAY.

Kaminoans: Its nice to see that the Republic has infrastructure, but has anyone read Karen Travis at all? Aiwha bait don’t give a flying nerf about clone’s safety or mental health. There is a major rift growing here with some very good EU material.

The battle is over?: They didn’t even make a full lap of the ship...

Mantas in Space: WTF?...and they're in and out of the nebula before you can say "MANTA!" Besides, didn't all those smugglers on Tatooine mention they were almost eaten on their shortcut?

Turrets: Why does the Malevolence have so many? It’s a bit ridiculous.

Shadow Squadron: Could we come up with a more original name?

What I want to see next:
Nothing, why does this plotline keep going? If 5 bombers can slice through the Malevolence’s main weapon, why cant three star destroyers finish it off in 2 minutes?


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