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Started by: LDHZenkai

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Evergreen Oldboy

Gender: Unspecified


In this world love is known By all at least once. And they will say that it is better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all But that is not true!! For I have loved a lot And had my heart broken. This is a pain I would prefer death over. But then why do you say it is better To have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Is it the ones who haven't truly felt The heartache of love that say this? Yes love can be a joyous thing, But always, ALWAYS it comes to an end. Then what is left? Nothing, no one. Just you, all alone, crying. And no one can comfort Or heal the wounds of a broken heart. For it is like a murder of the soul. Nothing can repair except another love To either be ended by conflict or death. And yet we all still fall for this, this LOVE. And then we cry, tears, sadness, such PAIN. GOD how I wish I was one of those lucky ones who don't fall in love. You believe you are cursed for this?? But for me, I feel this would be a release, a blessing of the soul!

Darkness breads creativity, My mind is fully released. Thoughts rush into my head, Pain, your body, meets. Feelings of hate, Endurance broke. What can we do, But on this evil choke. Hatred for all, My soul is lost. So in search of redemption I do go, To fate is tossed.

A blur to all, nothing seen, Life so in chaos, ripped apart at the seams. Back into my thoughts my mind wanders, Left is my mind, ripped asunder. So to flee from this world i do go, Taking my life oh so slow. Away from this world i am now, And all ask themselves just how? I could let my mind slip away, And end it all on this day.

and now i lay me down to sleep, i pray that the lord my soul does bring, pain upon for all his glory, has been nothing but a story, deceiving lies tells untrue, to make the fools believe in who, is not real and is not true.
Pain, sorrow, agony, loss, All, to the past, I have tossed. Happiness, love, desire, joy, Our love does not now seem so coy. Jovial and laughing all the time, The reason for it, you are mine. Forever merged, our souls do blend, My broken heart you did mend. Entwined we lay, Forever this way. Happiness and joy, every day…

Pain (unfinished agony)
My rage and pain drive me insane, My flesh and muscle torn away. Blood flowing smoothly down my face, And out of my chest my hearts misplaced. Tears of misery run down my cheeks, A release from this my soul seeks. A knife or gun to end it all, Into Hell I will fall. Could I live on and survive, Or should i just give it all up and die? Impossible answers to find, The only Heavens in my mind. So i take one last breath, exhaling it slowly, and purge of myself all that is holy.

I was very intoxicated when writing these. for the record im not depressed.


Old Post Mar 27th, 2009 01:54 AM
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King of Blades
The King

Gender: Male
Location: The South

Drunken words are sober thoughts.


Old Post Apr 12th, 2009 07:13 PM
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