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Chapter one

No one knew it. Maybe a few lucky individuals in the world. Of course I’m talking about regular people. Joshua Forbes knew of this though. He is a 15 year old teen who is far from normal. Most would say that because of his incredible skate boarding and surf boarding capabilities, but that is far off from why he is so different. He was adopted as a child and never knew about his real parents. He did not quite understand his difference. But on his journeys he will soon learn.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!! “Err”. Slam!

“What was that noise!!?” a female voice yelled.

“Nothing, mom!”, Josh said while looking at his alarm clock laying on the floor in pieces. “Ah sh!t.” He went down the hall to the bathroom turning on the shower. Twenty five minutes later he walked down stairs to have breakfast.

“Joshua, why do you always wear long sleeved shirts? We live in L.A.”

“Well good morning to you too mom”, Josh replied looking a little disgruntled. “What’s for breakfast?”, he asked her. His mom was shorter than him, with long curly brown hair, and had a high squeaky voice. She looked only thirty, when in reality she was 15 years older than that.

“You know very well its lunch time”

“Its breakfast to me”, he chuckled.

She laughed and handed him a plate with grilled cheese. He downed the plate in seconds.

“Bye mom”, he said while grabbing his skate board and walked towards the door.

“Where are you going?”, she asked.

“ To the skate park with Anthony. Ill see you later mom.” He walked out the door. He bought a bottle of water and some snacks for him and his friend as he did plan on staying there for most of the day.

When he arrived he found Anthony by the half pipe. Anthony was about the same height as Josh, around five foot ten or so. He was mixed with a white father and a black mother. Unlike Josh’s longish brown hair Anthony had a tall bright neon red mohawk, and had a similar skater fashion sense as Josh’s.

“Hey dude, what’s up?”, Anthony asked.

“Nothing much man. You?”

“Same old, same old. You got the snacks?”

“Yeah I got them man”. Josh rummaged through his bag, and threw Anthony a bag of chips.

“ So what do you want to do to first?” Anthony asked looking around the concrete wonderland.

“ I don’t know dude. I feel like doing something else.”

“Aw, come on man. Well we could check out the ladies at the beach”, Anthony said with a smile. Josh smiled back.

“Sounds like a plan. But if you want those ladies to check you, then you better start eating less chips”, Josh laughed.

“Oh really? Well your not exactly mister six pack yourself. I gotta go get my swimming trunks an my board then”

“Same here”, Josh said while looking at his watch. “See you in half an hour?”

“Sure”. They both left to get their stuff, an came back about twenty five minutes later at there favorite hangout on the beach.

“Dude I love living here”, Anthony said moving his head every second to look at all the women in bikinis.

“Same here” Josh replied. “I’m going to go surf. Ladies love to watch me surf”

“Oh please”, Anthony said laughing.

“ You ain’t got skillz like me” Josh joked.

“Yeah, you did win all the last surfing competitions we had”

“Well lets hit some waves”, Josh said, and they headed of to the water.

Thirty minutes later they were shredding up waves, getting looks from everyone, especially the ladies. Josh was hitting the biggest waves out their. He was starting to tire, and decided to head back to the beach. Anthony saw him and decided to join. They got back to the beach and decided to chill, and get there tan on.

Josh looked at him and said, “Oh Dude babe eleven o’clock!”

“Keep your voice down, We don’t want people think we’re pervs or somthin”, Anthony laughed.

“Wanna hang over at my place later?”


Two hours later they were at Josh’s house, and were playing some video games and eating snacks in his living room. His mom entered the room.

“Scram you two, I’m going to watch t.v. for a change. Go up to your room or somthin”, she said while turning off their game.

“Mom!, we didn’t get to save!”, Josh whined.

“Take it up stairs”, she said with a chuckle.

“Dude your mom rules”, Anthony laughed as they walked through the door to Josh’s messy room. Josh started up his computer, looking at new surf boards since his was getting old.

“Dude….can I….I….talk to you about something?”, Josh asked him with a nervous tone in his voice.

One week later Josh is sitting in class looking outside at the track field. He was done with his History test an was waiting for everyone to get done so he could talk with Sam. He was board an needed someone to talk to. Sam started passing him notes, she was bored too. She was Josh’s age, had long light brown hair, and was about 5’3”.

“How are you?”, she said now that they could talk.

“Alright I guess”, he was looking at the clock eagerly. “So what have you been up too?”

She looked at him. “Nothing much”, She said while twirling her fingers through her hair.


The bell had rung, and they were now going to their lockers. Josh was done getting his stuff an met her by the doors that they always left at.

Josh put his Hoodie on an asked “Want to go get something to eat”. Since his stomach had been growling for the past hour.

“Sure”, she said.

Josh put on his sun glasses since it was bright out like always in L.A.

Sam Looked at him an said “I know you’re baking under that hoodie. Its ninety eight degrees out” as she took off her top shirt revealing her tank top. She was already beginning to sweat.

Josh looked over at her an let out a wistle. “Hey babe what’s your number?”, he joked. She pushed him an they laughed. She than gave him another push, an Josh thought she was kidding around, but than thought to himself quickly, an said “Hey lets hurry”

They were done eating at a vegitarian burger joint that was his favorite place to eat. Josh started walking her back to her house since it was on the way to his. They herd sirens not too far away but it was normal. They always herd sirens in their neighborhood.

The two of them were in front of her house. “So…um…see you at school”, she said looking down on the ground.

“Yeah see ya”, he began to turn away back to the street, til he felt her suddenly hug him an kiss his cheek. “OH CRAP!!”, he yelled pushing her off him, an looking at her. He seemed scared. She looked confused at first, an felt her lips, but then confusion left her an she began to feel embarrassed.

“God I’m so sorry!… I…I, she ran into her house.

Oh god he thought to himself. What now? How could this happen? He went back to his house, an called Anthony. “I need you to come over ok?”

“Why?” Anthony asked.

“You remember that thing we talked about? Well we have a problem.”

“I’m coming over”, he said now with a serious tone in his voice.

Anthony was over at his house within fifteen minutes. They talked an Josh seemed so nervous throughout the conversation while Anthony tried to reasure him that everything would be ok. It was eight thirty in the afternoon. And Josh calmed down after awhile so him an Anthony tried to distract themselves from the problem.

Its five months later. Now September. Josh was having a difficult time with Sam so he told her the secrets four months ago that he had told Anthony. She had become best friends with them. But now Josh was having more problems that were not so easy To hide.

Josh was in his bathroom crying, trying to keep his voice down he looked at the electric thermometer and threw it against the ground. He had his hand against the mirror and he noticed it started to fog up.
“EEERRRAAAARRGGHH!!!”, he yelled not really caring at the moment how loud he was. He was spending more time at home and had not been at the beach in the last two months. He was starting to get paler and was avoiding all skin contact with people.


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pretty good josh


Thanks Steve.. UI Goku, Jiren and Vegeta

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Location: +40° 36' 5.70", -73° 57' 49.46 i am curious as to the "secret"...its a good start...keep it up thumb up


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He stormed out of the bathroom and walked to his bedroom where Anthony and Sam were.

Sam looked up at him an said “How about we go for a walk?” The two boys agreed and they went out walking for a while. “Why don’t you go to the doctor?”

Josh looked at her as if she was psychotic, and said, “Because what I do is physically impossible, and technically I should be dead. Man my mom is concerned at why I don’t let her near me, and why I don’t spend time with her much.”

“Maybe you should be with her more. She’s really the only family you have, even if you are adopted. How is your sister doing with your dad?”, Anthony asked. “I have not seen her in forever.

“Step father first of all Anthony. I don’t know how she is. We havent talked in a long time”, Josh replied looking at his watch. “She still hates me man. I don’t think she will ever forgive me.”

Sam looked at Josh and Anthony confused, “What do you mean?”, she asked. “I remember her, and I don’t recall her being mad at you. What would she not forgive you about?”
“Never mind Samantha”, Anthony said knowing she would get angry. She punched him in the arm, and he pushed her back.

A few hours later Josh was back at his house, watching some t.v. with some snacks. He could hear his mom walk through the front door in her nurse uniform. She walked through the living room and saw Josh and actually had shock on her face. She went up stairs and came back down in fifteen minutes with some sweats, and a t-shirt on. She sat beside Josh on the couch with an awkward silence between them.

“What have ya been up to?”, she said with a slight brightfullness, and curiosity. “How come we don’t talk much anymore?”, Josh did not answer. “Please talk to me…….. Is it happening again?”, she said looking at him with stress in her voice. Josh’s head emediatly turned to her.

“No!!, I told you I’m done! Its been two years now!”, he yelled with a deep seriousness and anger in his eyes now. He stormed up to his room in frustration. He began to silently cry. Depressed his mom could think such a thing. Well… he couldn’t blame her.


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good work


thank u bz

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Chapter two

BEEP BE!! Click. “mmm.” Josh rose out of his bed and walked into the hallway. He went into the bathroom, and he started to run the shower then stepped in. As the water began to heat up it started to fog terribly. After he was done he walked in front of the mirror and started to take deep breaths. The air cleared up, and he began to shave now that he could see. He walked out of the bathroom five minutes later in a towl. He was looking for his books, and put on some cloths. Josh went down stairs to get some cereal. His mom was in the living room ready to leave.

“Bye honey! Ill see ya later ok!”, she yelled.

“Bye Mom.” He sat eating his cereal in boredom. The clock on the Microwave shown it was seven thirty. He walked outside to start walking to school. After about fifteen minutes he was at the school. Josh looked around and spotted Anthony by the doors sitting on the steps.

“Hey man”, Josh said.

Anthony looked at him. “Hey”, he answered sheepishly.

“How r u?”

Looking in his bag Anthony asked, “I can’t find my math homework. Do you have it?”

“Not with me. Its in my locker. Do you know where Sam is?”

“No. We’ll probably see her later in science.”

The bell had rung, and everyone began to enter the school. Josh and Anthony went to the third floor going to there computer class. Josh walked in to the class noticing the teacher was gone, and they had a substitute instead. The poor man looked terrified of the large group of teenagers. It seemed he needed someone to go get Mr. Davis for him.

“Excuse me. Um.. Lets see.. Josh? Joshua Forbes?”, the man asked looking at him.

“Yes sir?”, Josh replied in annoyance.

“Could you go to his room an get some papers for me? He will give them to you once you mention me.”

Josh looked at him and thought it would be ok. After all his room is down the hall, and he knew he didn’t have a class this period. He walked out with his pass. The hall was filled with the sound of a feiw loud classes as usual. When he got down to Mr. Davis’s Class that there was no one in. He decided to wait a minute or two. Josh noticed there was a large metal container on his desk.

“Hello? Josh?”, a dry voice said startling Josh, but it was only Mr. Davis. He was a tall thin man with silver hair who wore glasses, and always dressed rather plainly.

“Oh hello sir.. Um the sub down the hall sent to get some papers from you.”

“Mr. Martter did?”, he asked.

Josh realized he didn’t actually know the substitutes name. “Um sorry I didn’t actually catch his name.”

“Well that’s alright. I think I left them in the office”, he said while looking through piles of paper on his desk. “I’ll be right back.”

Josh sat at the edge of his desk while waiting for the man to return. He started tapping his pencil to the beat of some song stuck in his head. The pencil slipped and rolled under the desk. He groaned and went down on the floor to get it, but his leg slid and his left shoulder hit the side of the desk pretty hard. He felt something splash on his back that gave him a wonderful surge through out his body. Holding his shoulder he looked up to see what spilled on him. He found out what splashed on him came from the container. The lid was slightly open and fog was coming from it. He read the label, and it said liquid nitrogen. His eyes widened.

He now heard foot steps coming closer to the door. Shutting the container Josh took of his outer shirt which fog mostly stopped coming of it. Mr. Davis walked in looking at something in his hand not even looking up Josh. He handed Josh some papers, “Here ya go. I’ll see you later in class”, Mr. Davis said cheerfully. Without a word Josh left and went back to his room.

The whole day Josh could not stop thinking about the liquid nitrogen. He started up a shower, but then remembering the sensation of the liquid he left it on cold. This seemed to revive him. He felt strange with a sense of control for some reason. Looking down he noticed water was starting to freeze before it could get down to the drain. He turned off the shower and looked down to see why it had froze. Josh closed his eyes while resting against the wall now feeling angry he punched the shower wall, but now felt a jerking sensation around his feet. He looked down at the eyes which was now further up than it was a moment ago. He threw another punch not taking his eyes of it. The ice moved in the direction he punched.

He walked out of the shower and looked into the mirror. Why does this have to be terrible? He thought. “Lets see what I can do.” Josh turned on the faucet and focused his thoughts around it. He put his hands on the sides of the running water, but instead of freezing it started to rise.


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Josh stopped for a second. But then tried again with one hand to move the water. The water was moving and somewhat levitating by an unknown force. This was difficult though as he tried to control it he became exhausted. It took a lot of energy from him.

After turning off the faucet he walked back into his bedroom. He picked up his cell phone to call Anthony, an Sam to tell them what happened. But he stopped now realizing maybe he should be keeping these things to himself.

The next day he decided to head to the beach with them.

“Wow you havent been here in ages. You sure you wanted to come dude?”, Anthony said to Josh looking concerned.

“Of course I want to be here. I love the beach and nothing will keep me from it”, Josh replied with a smile looking around at the crowded beach. “I think I’ll actually go swim instead of surf today though.”

“Since I don’t surf I guess I’ll swim with you”, Sam said while rubbing in some sun block.

After having a fun day at the beach they went to go get some pizza to eat. “I guess I’ll get some for my mom too”, Josh said as they walked into the pizza shop. “Oh sh!t!”. Josh could not believe it. The place was being robbed by a Gunmen. And one was staring him in the face.

“Back up punks!!”, the man said. Josh was in shock an didn’t move at first. “B!tch, did you hear me!!? Get back!!”, the man yelled as he punched Josh in the face making a loud crack. Josh fell to the floor.

“Hey!!” Anthony yelled at him.

“What!!?”, the man yelled as he took a pistol and pointed it at Anthony “Bye bye sucka”

“NOOO!!!!”, Josh screamed while charging at the man. Josh slammed him into the wall.

BLAM!!! Josh fell on his knees. “What?” he said now feeling his side which was covered in blood. “AAAARRRGGHH!!!”


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Seems interesting.


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“Er…. Earm… what? Where am I?”, Josh said looking around what seemed to be a large metal room with flouresent lighting, and he was on what looked like a hospital bed. He had some I.V.’s in him, an there were machines checking his heart rate. He tried to sit up but felt a excruciating pain in his side. “God!… What the hell!!?”, he looked to see that he had thick bandages on his left side. Now images of the robbery went in his head. “HELLO!!!? ANYONE HERE!!!?”, he shouted.

The large metal door on the far side of the room opened, and a woman in nurse uniform walked in. “Oh your awake now? Well how do you feel? Are you alright?”.

Josh was slightly confused but answered “I think so…. Where am I?.”

“You will learn that later”, the nurse said. “It’s now time to change your bandages. This will hurt”, she said as she started to take them off.

“AAAAHH!!!”, he screamed trying to hold it in. “What happened to me!?”, he said as she was putting new ones on him. “Why can’t I know where I am?”

“You took a bullet to the side my dear. You don’t remember?” She was now putting a thermometer in his mouth and told him to wait a minute. After it beeped she looked at it an said “Oh twenty eight that’s good.”

“God!!”, Josh shouted forgetting that he was different. “I’m a!… I’m!!”

“It’s ok dear we know, we know.” Josh was frantic and confused. “Ill go get you something to eat. After all you’ve been runnin on I.V’s for too long. I’ll be back”, she said as she walked through the door.

“What?”, Josh was now scared. People knew. Oh god… people knew. He decided he had to get out of there. He hopped off the bed trying to ignore the pain from his side. It took Josh a second but he stumbled towards the door. Noticing the door did not have a a knob orhandle, but instead what looked like some type of scanner. “Sh!t”, he had to wait for that nurse to get out the door. The door slid open and a doctor and some nurses ran in since his heart rate monetor was no longer attached to him they thought something was wrong.

“Are you ok? You shouldn’t be up”, the doctor said. But Josh didn’t respond. Instead he ran out the door holding his side as it was tuff just standing. Josh was running down a hallway that had smooth metal floors and walls. “Stop him!”, the doctor yelled as he chased after him. But from all the pain Josh could barely run now.

“AAAHHH!!!”, Josh felt a terrible shock run throughout him but then blacked out.

Josh woke up in the same room only he was strapped in his bed this time. He also noticed two Guards at his door in military uniforms with Bullet proof vests, helmets an guns on. One of the men looked at him an said into a walky talky “He’s awake mam.”
“What’s going on!!?”, Josh yelled now scared thinking that the government knew about him. Although he got no replies Josh insisted on asking an talking to the gaurds for several hours. They seemed to get agitated till the nurse came back in with some food an this took Josh’s attention off the two men since he was starving.

The nurse looked at him with agitation in her eyes as she spoke. “You all right honey?

"Sorry but you can’t leave here till you’ve healed enough.”

“So you tazer me? Yeah I’m sure you are aloud to do that to a patient.” He was really pissed off, but was not going to try anything since he had no energy, an was already wounded, plus strapped down.

“Actually we are aloud. Now stop your fussin an eat”, she said after taking off some straps.

Josh looked down at some chicken an rice on a tray with pills an juices. “This is-”

“Soy”, she said, interrupting him. “Don’t worry”. She walked out with the cart.

He was now shocked and terrified. How did they know? Where is he? How will he leave? As he ate he thought about how he was going to get out. He tried many times to think of escape plans, but he was convinced to wait it out a little an see what’s going on. He began to check his side wondering how bad it was. He felt it and let out a yell of pain.

Sitting up now he was wondering what the pills on his tray were. He thought it’s better to not eat them. He waited around what seemed half an hour till the nurse came back in to take the tray.

“You have to take the pills. They will help you heal, an we also have pain killers.”, she said to him. “Don’t worry they won’t kill ya”. Although Josh wouldn’t take them she lift them there with some water took take whenever he might actually take em. Hours later he drifted to sleep.

It’s six weeks later now. Josh had only tried to make one more escape five days after his first attempt, but to no avail. He could walk with no discomfort. He was even aloud to leave the room now to go to a workout room where all the soldiers located there could do there exercise for helping his damaged muscle, but they were also having his do light exercises for other parts of him as well. He was not suspicious of this though. Josh also was aloud to go to the mess hall to eat now. Of course he was always under super vision. But he also was located in another room now with just a bed, sink, and shower area though.

Beep beep beep click! Josh arose from his bed and stretched letting out a long yon. He jumped to the floor doing slow pushups, as he still could not put too much stress on his body.
His hair was getting longer, and was now down to his shoulders. It was total darkness since the light in his room turned on an hour and a half after his alarm. After one hundred pushups he got up an shook himself off.


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You're a typing machine.


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quote: (post)
Originally posted by Ultimate Wil
You're a typing machine.
Albeit a boring one.


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After taking a shower he changed into a white t-shirt, and some shorts. These were the only articles of clothing he was aloud to wear. Ffzzzzffz, the lights kicked on so he new it was finally eight o clock. Josh walked out the door looking to see two gaurds at the outside of his door. “Breakfast fellas?”, he said to them as they fallowed him to the cafeteria. Grabbing a tray he looked to see what was for breakfast. Looking at some gruesome strange foods you could barely tell what was edible. “So what’s on the menu?”, Josh asked.

“You get somthin special”, The short man serving the food said putting some egg whites, rice, a fruit salad, and regualar salad on his tray. “Your bein put on a diet”.

Josh was confused, and asked, “Why?”.

“Orders”, the man grunted. Josh was puzzled but was happy to see real food for once, and sat down at a table with his two guards.

Josh was actually starting to gain weight, and was one hundred an fourty seven pounds or so. After eating he headed back to his room. When he was halfway down the hall he saw a door that was opened to another hall. He could see a man and a woman talking. They were wearing lab coats and talking rather fast. Josh thought nothing of it since he often saw a lot of people in lab coats. Josh was finally at his room an took a little nap. Setting his alarm clock an hour before he would go the there gym.

“Hello? Hello? . Joshua Forbes?, a woman’s voice called. Josh awoke to see a tall blonde woman wearing a suit an sunglasses standing beside his bed. She had a sense of strength about her. She was somewhat intimidating, but her attractivness kept her from scaring you.

“Who are you?”, he asked looking her up and down with a smirk growing on his face.

“I’m who runs all this”, she said with a smile.

“What?”, he said in a dazed confusion.

“Josh… do you know why you’re here?”

“Beats me. My best guess is experimentation? Disect me perhaps?”, he said bitterly.

She laughed and said “No no no. U see we need someone with gifts like you”.

“Who is we?”

“I’m sorry, but I cannot reveal that.”, she replied.

“Figures”, he was getting really angry. “So what happened? How am I here?”

“Well you see after you were shot and taken to the hospital we took you out of there hands.”

“How did you know about me?”

“You froze everything in a blocks radius killing twenty seven people. Including your two friends”.

Josh could not believe what he heard. “What do you mean?”

“I‘m sorry Josh but when you were shot your body went in a self defense type reaction. It‘s not your fault ,.. really”.

“No… no this can’t be. That’s all a lie! Your lying!!”, he screamed his face now in tears.

“I’m sorry bu-”

“SHUT UP!!!”, he was frantic and now causing his body to rapidly cool causing frost and cold air to come off him. He was crying but the tears were freezing on his face. “You b!tch tell me the truth!!”

“We took you in, and have explained to your mother that you are involved in an emergency. Don‘t worry no one knows you were the cause of it besides us.”.

“So then why watch me!? Why am I here now!? WHY COULDENT YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!??” He was hoping this was all a bad dream. “I killed people.. I…
Killed people”.

He closed his eyes hoping when he opened them that he would be back home. But when he did open them he saw a world in which had turned black. It took twelve days for this news to sink into Josh. After they were sure he would be calm, and was not hostel the lady came back to continue the conversation.

“So wheres my sis then?”, he asked.

“She’s still with your step Father”

“So what are we?”

“You and your twin are magical creatures called Elementals. Elementals are able to control or have power due to elements. You are what’s called a Nefriti. One who is similar to fairy’s but you control Water. Your sister is a Efriti. One that can control fire.”

“Um…. Are you on crack?”, he asked thinking she surely must be on somthin strong.

She laughed and asked, “Well how else do you explain your powers?”.

“Alright so why do you guys have me here?”

Chapter three

BEEP BEEP click. “Come on boys!”, a low growling voice yells from across the room. Josh looked down the row of bunk beds to see a tallish pail young white man with long black hair to his shoulder blades wearing only boxers. He was thin, but all muscle. “Get up!”, he growled to them.

“Shut up!”, a young boy that looked no older than fifteen yelled from his top bunk. This boy was Black with a slim build and didn’t have much muscle. “We’re getting up!”, He jumped down from his bunk making a huge boom.

“Grr.. Watch it Ram!”, the man said.

“Hey. Its cool dude. Its cool. Remember bout your temper”, The boy said looking over at another bunk. “Halen!, get your butt up”,

On the bunk another man stood up with a slight stagger. He was about Joshs height, white and slim as well. He had short blonde hair too. Josh looked at him and asked, “Dude, you alright?”

“I’m good”, he responded, cracking his neck patted Josh on the shoulder. “You doin alright Frigid?”

“I’m cool man”, he laughed.

“As always”

“Get dressed!!”, The tall man was shouting.

“Give it a rest man!”, DarkHalen yelled to him. “Your not leader Savage!! Besides, we should all be happy today. We get out of here”.

“Yeah I know”, Savage said with a grin. “I hope it looks cool”.

“It will be Awesome!!”, Ram shouted. “Well Frigid knows how it will be”, he said with a smirk. “She showed you after all”, he laughed looking at Josh.

Josh looked up after strapping his boots. “Why does everyone assume somthin?”, He asked in a dry aggravated voice. The rest of the team responded in silence with a few smirks. Josh got up slipping the top of his suit on, and zipping it up. The room was filled with the sound of shuffling from clothes.

Josh slid on his gloves and looked back at his team now suited up. Him wearing a tight shirt with short sleeves that went up his neck. With baggy pants. It was all a dark gray except a few areas on his sides with a soft dark blue.

Savage wearing a similar outfit, but with a blood red replacing the blue. Ram wore the same but with tighter pants, and lighter gray with a dark green. DarkHalen wore a large black trench coat witch hid most of his costume.

“I still say we need better looking suits”, Savage said looking at the group.

“Come on”, Ram said. “We are like rockstars man”. He laughed putting his arms around Savage and DarkHallen.

“ Team Authority!… to breakfast”, he said with a chuckle. They all laughed and walked out the door, and headed to the mess hall. “Lets hope they got somthin better than yesterday. Those pancakes sucked”.

“I’ll say”, Savage said. “I’m so happy this is our last day here. Finally all that training will be put to use”.

“Your not afraid?”, Ram asked.

“Well…. A bit. I still don’t see how they will keep this secret when it becomes fully operational”.

“Oh great!”, Josh shouted. “We got chillie for breakfast?”

Ram looked at the strange assortment on his plate “Hmm… umm.. I don’t.. think it’s chillie. Least its vegetarian”, he said. Ram poked at his food trying to desern if the substance on his tray was edible. “Hope we get better food once we leave. Won’t we get to pick the food we have when we’re their?”

“Don’t know”, DarkHalen responded chugging a thick strange green drink that had came with his food. “So anyone one else conserned with how this will go? I mean are we eguiped for this? Can we handle it?”

Josh looked at him and said with upmost confidence, “Ofcourse we can. Who else you know with talent like ours? We are the only ones that can handle this”. He paused in thought. “Plus we still don’t know all the details on the situation”.

“That’s what I hate man. They allways give you the details later”, Savage said with a slight growl. “This is discusting”. Savage downed the chillie as fast as he could. He looked at his watch an said, “It’s about time. Lets move guys”.

They all finished there food and walked out the door. “Head to the hanger boys”, Josh said. All of them walked to a large hanger full of numerous jets and helicopters. “Ok head to that chopper over there. We should be out of here and into our new headquarters within eight hours. Be prepared for a long one boys. We will first stop in an hour at another area to get into a new experimental jet”.

“It shouldn’t take that long dude”, Ram exclaimed.

“We will make another stop along the way in California. We might get a new recruit”. Ram nodded to him.

“Cool man. A new team member. Sounds fun, do ya know anything about em”, Ram asked.

“Ive read there file”, Josh responded, climbing in the helicopter strapping himself in. “DarkHallen, Savage get in”.


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By the way this is all just for fun. I'm not a writer so sorry if this sucks. Its a hero story as well.

Feel free to write any coments.


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Gender: Male
Location: My Inner World

Three hours and sixteen minutes later They are in a Jet checking there new play toy. “This is nice”, Savage said to the team. “Wonder how fast it goes”.

“Wonder if one of us will be able to learn how to pilot it”, Josh said.

“None of us are that smart”, Ram chuckled.

“Well at least we have someone to pilot it for us till we get to the base”. Josh was strapping in to one of the seats motioning Savage to do the same.

Neo DarkHallen looked at Josh and asked, “So who’s the person we are going to see”.

Josh looked at him with an agitated face. “Um… a girl who got into trouble. Shes in a small temporary base of ours, she was taken there from the hospital. When her abilities manifested it destroyed a local school and injured fifteen civilians”.

“No deaths? Good then they won’t be in so much stress from not being able to handle it”, DarkHallen said.

“Hey not everyone is as easy with killin someone as you!! I mean… I’m still not happy with what happened with me. And that was over a year ago”.

Darkhallen just sighed and thought it best to stay silent for most of the flight. “Ok we are taking off now”, said Savage. During the flight the group annoyed each other as always when they got bored. Ram was now out of his seat running around the jet. He was just a blur and causing a lot of wind through the inside.

“Not in the jet Ram!”, Savage growled at him getting out of his seat grapping Ram has he went by. “Stop!!”.

“Wow I think you’re the only one fast enough to catch Ram while he runs”, said Darkhallen. “I’m going to stretch”, he was now standing up and practicing some martial arts.

Josh was now in an ally exhausted on the ground. He was incredibly thin and looked as though he was barely alive, wearing some jeans, an a hoody, . A silouette of a short girl yelling “How could you!, I hate you!!”

“I’m sorry Josh said with tears now coming down his face. I’m sorry… I.. I couldn’t help it”, he said. “I’m only human”.


“Whu, what?”, Josh awoke inside the jet looking at his team all standing up looking at him concerned.

“You were causing the temperature to go way down in here man”, DarkHallen said.

Josh looked at them and noticed he could see there breath. “Sorry bout that”, Josh said.

“Besides we landed,”, said Ram. Josh stood up and walked down the ramp of the Jet looking to see they were in a gigantic wearhouse. “Wow they really meant temporary or we are runnin out of money”. They all walked down and across the floor to a man in a lab coat. He was somewhat old, around fifty it looked. He was balding, and had a sunken look in his face.

“Ah welcome. Come with me”, the old man said walking into an elivator. “I am Proffessor Chauser. You are here to pick up the girl I understand”. The elevator went down into an underground area.

“So it’s a girl? Alright!”, Savage said.

The Proffessor walked them through many hallways to a room with with a young girl asleep on a hospital bed. She was beautiful, she had light brown hair, and was about five foot two. With machines hooked up to her. “How is she?”, Josh asked with a depressed on his face.

“All is well. She seems to be in good health. We just have her knocked out for now”, the man responded. “Oh but we have another one for you as well”.

“What?”, Ram asked in confusion.

“Another person with talents. He’s extraordinary”.

“No, what do you mean? we only had orders for one”, Said DarkHallen.

“Well those orders changed. And he is not knocked out though. He will be awake for your flight”.

Ram had a look of exitment , “So we get two new members!? Hope they can Keep up”.

The man looked at him and laughed, “These two have incredible abilitys. Believe me. Besides the other one, the male that is might not be on your team. He’s going to be with you guys so you can watch him. And scientists will be there to study his condition”.

“Come on”, Josh said. “It won’t take long to get to the base lets get these two on the jet. Where is the guy you were talking about?”

“He’s already on the Jet”, The man exclaimed. They walked to the Jet while savage carried the girl. As they got on they noticed a large man sitting in a chair looking at them. He was around six foot seven, and quite wide with muscle. His head was shaved bald. He was wearing some jeans with boots and a large black jacket over his black shirt. He looked at them uwearelly and somewhat nervous.

“Hey there”, Ram said.

“Um… Hi.. I’m Guy”, the large man responded. “So um, you guys are different too? They told me I wasent alone”, He said with a nervous exitement. Savage strapped the girl in a seat as he an the rest of the team sat down.

“Yeah we all have certain abilitys as well. I’m Savage, that’s Ram, Frigid, an NeoDarkhallen. So what can you do?” The jet took off and now they were flying again.

“Um, well I uh.. Don’t want what I do. I’m hoping your scientists can cure me”.

“I understand that”, Savage said sympathetically. “Same here, but I am going to use y abilitys for somthin till my cure comes”.

They all talked getting to know the new man a little. “Hey its comin up”, Josh said as the jet landed in a hanger of an underground base.

“We’re here!”, Ram shouted. “Come on”, he said as they got up. Savage picked up the young girl as they walked out of the Jet. They walked across the large hanger to a door wich they walked through. They were looking down a hallway with the same woman who talked to josh about his powers at the end. All of them walked to her.

“Hello Agent Nolan”, Savage said. “Looking fine as always“. He smirked at her.

She smiled. “Down Savage. Hello men this will be your new head quarters. I will lead you through the place with a tour”. They walked to an elevator and went down to a floor about one hundred feet down. As it opened you could see a large room with a couch a gigantic flat screen t.v. and many other pieces of furniture. It had a carpeted floor, but metal walls and a ceiling with flouresnt lighting. “This is the lounge boys obviously for you to lounge”. She showed them there rooms, the labs the training room, the gym, an many other areas. “What do you think”, she asked.

“Eerr ermm urh”, the young girl began to awake. She looked up at Savage, “AAAAHHH!!!”, she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Whoosh! Crackle a burst of flames came from all over her body. “AAAAARGGHH!!!”, Savage roared as he dropped her.

“Oww!”, she said and she looked at Savage and screamed again. “Oh God what did I do!?”

“It’s ok”, Josh said. “Are you ok?”.

“Help him!”, she screamed pointing at Savage. Agent Nolan took out a pistol, and Shot her with a dart. She fell unconscious.


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