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Elisha or the Long Away
Started by: ESB -1138

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ESB -1138
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Elisha or the Long Away

An Unexpected Meeting

On top of a large hill sat a house. A house of bright color many yellow and green and was a place of the upmost comfort. This was the home of Diadem. The Diadems were very respected amongst the people of these lands. People would sit around their tables and say nothing but good things for these folk. And for all the good reasons for the Diadems were kind and most well mannered when it came to handling visitors and guests of all kinds.

The house had a rather large garden in front of it with a small stable where a single horse dwelt behind the home. The stable was never closed so the steed could gallop out anytime he felt like and graze where he desired. A small stream ran along the western side of the hill where the water was always fresh and the fish was always plentiful. The house had many rooms; kitchens, bedrooms, pantries, libraries, dining room, living room, and the list goes on!

The best rooms were always seen where a round window sat and underneath all those round windows were roses always in full bloom as though by some spell. The chimney would always have a small puff of smoke soaring out of it for something was always on the kennel. Elisha Diadem lived here; son of Eli Diadem. Eli was the most excellent example of a gentleman who would always hold himself in the upmost manner at all times and to anyone; whether if he was treated wrongly or not.

In fact this is what Rosalinda Amethyst loved most about him; Rosalinda being Elisha’s mother of course. Eli and Rosalinda married much to the dismay to their parents for the family of Diadem and Amethyst were always feuding amongst each other though these weren’t normal feuds; for no violence ever came out of it. It was more or less just ignoring the other and not opening doors for them which was as bad as murder to the people of these lands.

Overall it would seem to have been the best idea for Eli for he lived a happy life with his wife Rosalinda. The two enjoyed everything together and the wild nature of the Amethyst seemed to have rubbed off onto Eli for he did things he never dreamt he would do and it was all because of her. But this also led to their untimely end upon the Gedian River when the river became too great for them to handle and like a mighty hand pulled them into their watery grave.

Thus Elisha was left by himself at the age of fifteen to continue on but in these lands fifteen is old enough for one to be considered an adult. But the wealth of the Diadem family was plenty for Elisha to live a comfortable life as well as continue working at the ranch to earn his pay. This ranch was the biggest in the lands. Speaking of the lands the land of which I speak of is Igros. That’s what the world is called; Igros which translates into the Center of the Light for Igros dwells within the middle of the universe.

Igros is divided into regions and the regions young Elisha lives in is the region of Gravince just south of Silence Woods. Elisha lives in the town of Mayton in the region of Gravince in the world of Igros. Elisha is a very humble fellow who loves peace and quiet. This of course became ritual to all who dwelt in Gravince for they saw no need to venture forth from their borders for they saw the outside world as nothing more than a lair filled with danger.

Of course things can change and things do change with time for if something doesn’t change with time it fades with time. This is a lesson well learned from Elisha as he takes the first step into a bigger world on an adventure he never thought would come.


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Home » Misc » General Fiction Area » Elisha or the Long Away

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