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Highschool part 2
Started by: iamsam

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Junior Member

Location: Dallas

Highschool part 2

Please read part 1 first and tell what u think
Ch.2 Day One
I herd a pounding on my door, followed by, “Get your ass out here or ya gonna be late, Gloria!”
That was my dad, really charming isn’t he? I rolled over and looked at the calendar, it was Monday, shit. I got pushed the blanket off of myself and realized I had all my clothes on. I remembered why when I stood up and tripped over a box, landing on more boxes. Those five boxes held all my stuff that wasn’t for sale, and I had pretty much just flattened all of them.
I got up and went to the door, when I opened it Dad was right there looking in. “I told you to unpack last night,” he screamed, his face inches from mine.
“I’ll do it later.”
“Do it now!”
I turned and opened every box and flipped each upside down, dumping everything onto the floor. When I looked up from the last one Dad was gone.
I went into the kitchen to get an apple, then saw Cody and threw it at him instead. He dodged it so it splattered all over our crappy little TV.
“What?” he yelled.
“You’re supposed to wake me up, that’s what!”
“I forgot!”
“You know what he could’ve done?”
“What the hell is going on?” my step-mom Beth asked from her bedroom door way, she was so thin and pale she looked like a ghost.
“Nothing,” I mumbled then I followed Cody out the door.
When we got out of the building and watched the bus drive off without us, we pleaded with Dad to take us. He was a fat, bald little man with a Hitler mustache. He told Cody to get in, then he tried to leave me behind as punishment, I liked it better that his usual. I jumped at the last second, landing on the bumper of his crappy car, almost knocking it off, then I quickly pulled myself up and sat on top.
When the car pulled up to school I jumped off to early so he saw me. Before he could start I yelled, “This wouldn’t happen if I had my own car!”
“I look like I got money comein’ out my ass?”
“What if I could buy it?”
He laughed in my face then said, “If you can buy it, you can have it!” I walked away, already trying to count the money I’d made from the other schools. “And that’s buy not steel!” Dad yelled after me.
Out of the four people that live in our shitty apartment, I like him the least. Beth was too lazy to bother me (although it really did get old), and Cody was just an annoying little prick.
I rushed through the halls, looking for the debate room. I actually got in before Cody did. Looking around, I saw there was one seat in the front, there was no way I was sitting there. So I checked the back, there were four, one was next to some huge, stupid looking guy. I sat there, maybe I could convince him to work for me.
On my way back I stole three wallets from three unattended purses, also taking there phones. Then I sat down and tried not to fall asleep. Cody decided to come in just then, he glanced around, then smiled at me. What the hell was he doing? My phone vibrated so I pulled it out of my pocket. The only reason I got a phone was the absolute cheapest family plan came from a network that considered a family four people. I looked at the text Cody sent me. It said he was going to pretend to be a sub for the class. I didn’t care if he got in trouble, so I didn’t point out the teacher could walk in any minuet, I just told him to make the kid next to me go somewhere else.

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Junior Member

Location: Dallas

After the bell rang, and he introduced himself as ‘Mr. Jones’ he took roll and made the tall kid go up to the front and read out of the text book. I didn’t pay any attention to anything after that, I just counted the money, and tried to figure out how much the phones were worth.
I’d gotten almost five-hundred dollars because, the phones were worth about a hundred each, the wallets could even go for twenty, there wasn’t much cash. Inside my backpack I’d cut holes in the side of each pocket so I could fit a bag of a bunch of stuff I could sell. I pocketed the money, then put the stolen phones, and wallets in the bag. I looked up to see what Cody was doing, sleeping at the teachers’ desk. I’d seen the movie he was trying to copy and it had been way better. Lucky for the rest of these kids, he wasn’t snoring.
After what seemed like forever this stupid kid finally finished the chapter, and woke Cody up. They said something to each other, then Cody sent the kid back to his desk, ran to unlock the door, and moved to an empty desk in the middle row, getting his wallet stolen by some kid on his way. My guess was he’d seen the real teacher, or sub coming, and sure enough a short bald guy with huge glasses walked in. He said he was so late because he was being told there were two new students. That would be me and Cody, he told both of us to go up to the front, but I wasn’t going to unless he called me again. Cody went up there and made a couple of corny jokes, then somehow talked the teacher out of making us work.
After that, the kid that stole his wallet, and three other kids surrounded him and started asking him questions. I tried to listen without it being obvious, if he said anything about me I would kill him. They all traded wallets, looked like Cody had taken a bunch when he was running around. Then they talked about stuff I didn’t care about. Cody told his ‘life story’ which I still don’t know if I believe. Finally the kid that took his wallet, he’d answered to Mike Fisher when Cody did roll, looked over at me and asked, “Where do you think she’s from?” Why don’t you just ask? Cause then you wouldn’t be cool or whatever, talking to the pathetic new girl, right? Yeah, all that crap is some of the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard.
I grabbed my stuff and started up to the teachers’ desk. When I passed Cody, I snarled in his ear, “Don’t tell anyone, anything about me,” not the best way of putting it, but it got the message across. I kept walking; when I got to the desk I told him I felt really sick.
“What’s wrong?”
“Uh, headache.”
“Alright,” he wrote me a pass to the nurses’ office, and handed it to me. I left, walking down the hall to my left. I had figured I’d need about four guys to help me sell stuff, I was gonna try to get the kid, who sat beside me to help. I think Chris was his name. I just had to keep rehearsing what I was going to say.
I knew he was on drugs, he’d snorted something after the real teacher got back, that should help. If he’s on drugs I could just use those to pay him, and he’d do anything I asked. The bell rang and kids flooded the halls in a second. I pushed my way back to the room, looking for him. After spinning around a few times I saw his head, bobbing a foot above everyone else’s. I moved up beside him and asked, “Hey, you wanna make some money?”
“Yeah,” he had a really weird voice.
“Alright, follow me,” I lead him to a storage room I passed when I was pacing. It was locked so I pulled out my knife and jammed it into the lock, and twisted. It broke and we went in. At the last second before the door was pulled closed I saw Mike running up to the side of the door. What the hell was he doing? I stalled, pretending I didn’t know where the light switch was. I ‘found’ it after a short time, and brought us back into light.
“How are you supposed to get me money?”
“One sec,” I said as I started moving some of the stuff from the over packed bag, into a smaller one. “What kind of drugs do you take?” I didn’t want to have him sell meth if he was a meth addict. He didn’t say anything. “I saw you take something in class, I’m not gonna rat you out so just tell me!” starting to get angry, this kid really was stupid.
“Cocaine,” he finally whispered.
“That it?” he nodded. I searched the bag for the place I keep the heroin, finally finding it in a side pocket. I slipped it into the side of his bag. “Sell everything in here for as much as you can get,” I said very slowly, “start out really high, then go a little lower until whoever’s buying agrees. Ok?”
“Yeah, I get it,” he said just as slow, “but do I get the money?”
“No, you give me the money, and I’ll give you some back, or coke if you want.” His face brightened at the thought of a job that paid in coke which was probably all he would use the money for anyway. He nodded again. I just realized I had sold all of it in L.A. so I would have to get more from my dealer, Luke. “I cant give you any today, but I will later,” I said, handing him some of the money. He grunted. “Oh, and the heroin is stronger than the regular stuff, so don’t sell it to kids under sixteen.” Was that because I was compassionate, and didn’t want to hook kids on drugs? No. It was because if Cody got hooked somehow, and died I would care just a little, and I’d have nobody at home for the next two years besides Beth, and Dad. I opened the door and started walking left. I saw someone dart into a room right in front of me. I figured Mike had been watching the door, waiting for us to come out. I kept walking, not knowing where I was going, then it occurred to me to look at my schedule. Algebra, room 456, I was walking by 460 now and the next room on that side was 462. I spun around and jumped through the door right when the bell rang.

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Junior Member

Location: Dallas

A tall, old lady, with small glasses perched on a broken looking nose, stared down at me and screeched, “Who are you.”
“Gloria,” I thought I recognized something about her. She seemed to be slightly afraid.
“G-Gloria Gomez the new student?”
“We, uh, don’t allow hoods, or hats here,” she said, pointing at my hood.
“Well I’m not taking it off,” I said absently, trying to think of where I knew her from.
Suddenly she was looking almost straight down at me, screaming, “Young lady take that hood off now!”
Then I knew where I knew her from “You’ve got a granddaughter in L.A. right? I know who sells her her pot. If you want her to stop getting it, let me wear this.”
She straightened, muttering, “I know you were the one that sold it to her.”
I smiled, “I know you know.”
“You’d better stop or I’ll make you life a living hell,” she said under her breath, then said to the whole class, “Ok,” she paused, thinking of what she was going to say, “um, I hear we have another new student, so would Cody Johnson please stand up.” Cody stood up, and I realized he was surrounded by his new best friends, Mike and some girl that was in debate, I think her name was Andi. Cody sat on the desk in front of Mrs. Birdlady (I still didn’t know her name). “Say your name and something about your self.” Cody gave his name, then came up with a really bad joke and sat down. “You can go now.”
“Yeah, thanks,” I muttered back, then said, “I’m Gloria, and I,”
“Sell drugs!” Birdlady said so quietly I could barley hear her.
Yeah to your dumbass grandkid! “don’t have anything else to say.” I stalked back to the desk by Cody, stomping as loud as I could.
During algebra I learned two things:
1) Algebra is very boring.
2) Birdlady (Mrs. S) is more of a ***** than I thought.
Throughout the class Mrs. S kept asking me to answer questions she knew I couldn’t, knowing she was going to ask me another question in a minuet was the only thing that kept me from falling asleep. At the end of class, she kept me behind. “I want you to know I’ll be watching you like a hawk, I will not tolerate you selling drugs in my school!”
“Well that nose makes you look more like a vulture than a hawk, and if I decide to sell drugs there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.” I got out of there before her shock wore off, but I knew I was screwed tomorrow.
I was almost late, again, this time to history. When I came in the teacher, a short fat lady with blonde hair, told me to introduce myself. I was getting really tired of introducing myself.
“I’m Gloria.”
“Now all of you get to work!” she said to the class, then looked at me, “Come over here.” I followed her to her desk. She explained some project that I really didn’t care about, then told me to go sit with three kids and try to work with them.
When I got over to them they told me I could just watch today so I’d know what was going on. Like I’d do anything else besides sit here. I did listen though; the other kids were Joey, Jason, and Scott. Joey was bucktoothed and had huge glasses. Scott was tall, blonde, and loud. Jason was annoying.
I listened as Scott yelled out to all his friends across the room, Joey kinda just sat there trying to ignore Jason who was trying to get his pencil stuck in the ceiling when Mrs. Gill wasn’t looking.
This went on for most of the class until Scott took Jason’s pencil and told them they shouldn’t be messing around. I didn’t point out what a hypocrite he was. They worked for a while, and when I say they I mean Joey, and Jason. Scott just told them what to do, and if they were really that easy to manipulate I didn’t blame him. But I think it was because they were scared, he knew it, and I hated it. They were intimidated because Scott was the starting quarterback he was, funny, loud, smart, and probably the most popular freshmen. Not that crap like that should matter, but to most people it does. So just for that I hated Scott, but I didn’t like the other two much either.
Throughout the whole class I watched two guys on the far side of the room. One was really small, with short black hair, and pale skin. The other looked the same, only taller. They were both acting really stupid. I asked Joey about them.
After he was finished looking at me like I was a blind person who could suddenly see, he said, “That’s Evan and Parker, they’re twins. Everyone says they’re on some kind of drugs.” I tried to look interested even though I already knew everything I needed to know. “Its obvious they are.” He added.
“Yep,” I was busy thinking, then another question came across my mind. “How come everyone here is on drugs?”
“Everyone’s not!”
Yeah well I’m pretty sure you are! That’s what I wanted to say, but of course I had to be nice to him long enough to get the information I needed, “You know what I mean, there’s a lot of kids on ‘em.”
“I guess so.”
“Do you know who sells to them?” I said, trying, unsuccessfully to keep the frustration out of my voice.
He thought for a few seconds then asked, “Why do you want to know?”
Now right there I would have knocked him out if I didn’t desperately need to know, “I want to stop them.” Thinking that was a stupid thing to say, until I realized who I was talking to.
“Hey Scott,” Joey said timidly, tapping Scotts shoulder.
He turned, “What?”
“She wants to know who sells the drugs,” he said, pointing at me. Great, tell Scott something and I was pretty sure that the whole world would know in about five seconds.
Oh my God, can I not get a straight answer! “She wants to stop them,” Joey said, shakily.
Scott looked at me like I was a stupid dog, then said, “You cant do that!”
“I’m pretty sure it’d be good for everyone,” like I gave a damn what was good for anyone.
“No, I mean they’re too dangerous, they could kill you.”
Ha! Like to see them try that. “Who are they, and where can I find them?”

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Location: Dallas

Scott considered, then seemed to decide I was trying to buy drugs so he said, “They both come to the football game every Wednesday and sell out of this big gray van.”
I didn’t ask what they did when it wasn’t football season, I didn’t need to. It was football season, so there was no problem. He looked at me funny for a few minuets, like I was some stupid kid who didn’t deserve to be within ten feet of him. That made me madder than hell. “You seem to know a lot about them.”
I felt a smile tug at my mouth when he shrank back, glaring. “My friends always talk about them and stuff,” he said, jerking a thumb at Evan and Parker.
“So you hang out with druggies?” I asked pretending to be as stupid as he thought I was.
Flames danced in his eyes as he replied, “At least I’m not one of them!” he whispered harshly, taking on a smug look, thinking he’d gotten me.
“So all of your drugged up friends tell you everything about the guys who sell the stuff? Am I really supposed to believe that?”
“Yeah,” he said shortly.
“I think you just stock up on steroids from them, that’s how you know them.”
“Yeah, ok,” he said, laughing and shaking his head. Then he went over to another table. Joey stared at me; Jason got his penile stuck in the ceiling.
“What?” I almost yelled at Joey after he stared, unblinking, for a minuet straight.
“Nobodies ever talked to him like that before!”
I looked over at Scott, “Well he’d better get used to it.” The bell rang for lunch; I got up and left quickly. I’d talk to Parker, Evan, and all the other kids that would be desperate for there drugs after I got to there dealer.
At lunch I had to sit at the table with all the goth kids. Not saying they’re bad or anything but it was really depressing. The funny thing was, everyone at that table was wearing black, and we were in the brightest room I’ve ever been in. It was like we were the table where color went to die.
While I was looking around, I saw Mike, and while I was looking to see if Cody was anywhere near him, he looked up at me, then pointed me out to his friend. What the hell was he talking about me for?
After lunch I went to health. The class was taught by the football coach if that gives you an idea of how exciting the class was. He didn’t make me stand at the front or anything though. He just told me to go sit in the back, yelling after me, “This is Gloria!” Guess who I got to sit by? My new best friend Scott, and to my left was Parker. Wow I’m so lucky! I fell asleep five minuets into it, but Scott would hit me with a pencil every time I nodded off, so I was forced to stay awake. There wasn’t any work, Mr. McClain just read out of the text book. He was a really fat, old, short guy, with a boring voice. I thought it was ironic that he was reading about how bad drugs are for you, and Parker was sitting next to me sniffing a sharpie.
When at last the last bell rang I was ready to get the hell out of this school, but of course something had to happen. On my way out, I saw a big group of kids standing on the side of the hall. When I pushed my way to the front I saw Cody, and Chris fighting. There was blood coming from Cody’s nose. Cody hit Chris in the head twice but it didn’t seem to have any effect. Chris slammed him against the lockers, and started punching him in the stomach over, and over. When he started hitting his head I stepped in, grabbing his arm and spinning him around.
He turned from Cody, who was on the ground now and stood over me, he was taller by a foot, “Or what?”
I could have stabbed him, but he did work for me, and I didn’t want to get expelled from another school, or go to jail. The bag I gave him was at the edge of the circle of people, so I didn’t have to worry about breaking anything. I punched him in the stomach. When he doubled over I hit the side of his head, sending him into the wall. From there I grabbed his shoulders, kneed him in the stomach, and threw him to the ground. I put one foot between his shoulder blades, leaned over, and whispered, “Or I won’t pay you.” Then I walked away, pushing through the shocked crowed.
When I came out of the back door, the bus wasn’t there. I looked over and saw that it was about to go around the corner, but it stopped. Finally some luck. I climbed on, and the bus driver, another old, fat guy that was loosing his hair, said, “You new?”
“If you’re late one more time you sit here,” he told me, pointing to the seat almost right next to him. Mike was sitting in it.
I muttered, “Oh, great,” under my breath, then stalked to an empty seat, it was next to that girl he’d been with, Andi. I listened to her and some Asian kid talk about something. I started out trying to think, but with all the noise it was impossible.
The first thing I heard was Andi yelling to be heard over the noise, “Does he like me or not?” I wished that was the biggest problem in my life.
“I don’t know! Why don’t you ask him?” the Asian kid yelled back.
“Because I don’t want to Austin!”
“Well that’s just stupid!” Austin said, then he turned around, “Hey Mike-” he was cut short because she slapped her had over his mouth.
When the bus stopped next to my building she let go, saying, “You’d better not tell him!”
“I won’t, but you should.”
We all got off, Mike, Andi, Austin, and I. They went into the expensive, nice apartments, and I headed for my dump, but I didn’t go up. I had stuff to do.
Dad had come home and didn’t have to work again until eleven tonight. That should give me enough time. I walked over to his crappy car, searched my backpack for his spare key, which he ‘lost’ last week, and unlocked the car.
The only problem with my plan, I realized when I was on the freeway, was I had only a vague idea of how to get where I wanted to go. I had planned on finding Luke’s place, but after driving around for half an hour, I decided to just call him. First I had to find somewhere to meet him. I ended up at some mall, hopefully near Luke’s place. I called him from the food court and he said he’d be right over.
I only had to wait ten minuets before he came walking up to me. Luke was twenty six with spiky black hair. He was almost as white as paper and seemed about as strong, but I’d seen him kick ass a few times. I can tell you he’s way stronger than paper. He was, in my opinion, very good looking, but also very smart.
He sat in front of me, his black eyes drilling into mine. After a few minuets he said, “Why did you call me, Gloria?” he had a raspy voice and spoke slowly.
“Why do you think?”
“I just gave you some a week ago, you shouldn’t need anything for a while.”
“Well I sold out of some my last week here, and now I need more.”
“Then you owe me money,” Damn, he never missed getting his cut. I tossed his fifty percent, which was close to five hundred dollars, and because I had to pay all of the guys I got to help me sell it, I made about half of what Luke did. I tossed the money onto the table; he snatched it up in a second. “Stuffs in the bag,” he said pointing to the backpack beside his chair. He went and got a burger, then came back. “Don’t you have to get home?”
“I need money for my own car, Luke.”
“How did you get here then?”
“Took my dads.”
Hi sighed, looking off to his left, then back at me, “Why the hell would you take his car?”
“I needed to get here,” I said, shrugging.
“And he’s not going to notice his cars missing?”
“He doesn’t need it ‘til eleven.”
“Oh my God, and he couldn’t, just for some crazy reason, need it to go somewhere else besides work! You’ve got to think things through!”
I really hadn’t thought of that, I checked my phone for the time. It was seven thirty; I hadn’t been gone to long. “Yeah, thanks,” I said, grabbing the bag as I got up to leave. He grabbed my arm.
“You just gave me the crack money, I want the rest.” I stared at him, wondering how he had known by how much it was, which drug it came from. Then I pulled about a thousand bucks in twenties out of my pocket, and threw the wad of cash at him, sending bills everywhere. People were staring as I left.
I got in the car and started driving. I was thinking, he got fifteen hundred bucks and I got about five hundred. If I added up everything else I sold on the side I got about seven hundred a month, that wasn’t enough for me. I pulled up next to an Apple Store, and searched for Dads tool box, I found it in the trunk. I opened it and pulled out a wrench. From where I was standing I could see a laptop display in the window, which meant whoever was supposed to lock up was still inside. I weighed the risk against the reward, then walked u and slammed the wrench against the window, it shattered and the alarm went off. I love Mac’s, the three laptops fit inside one pocket of my pack. I ran back to the car and jumped in. I saw the guy who was supposed to lock the store shuffling from the back, trying to catch me. I sped off, and within a minuet was on the freeway headed back home.
At 8:30 I pulled up in front of our building, and parked the car in the same place it was in. As soon as I got out, my phone rang. It was Luke. “What?”
“What the hell were you thinking?” he shouted from his end. “You stole three laptops for what?” he was beyond mad.
“Money.” I calmly said back.
“Money! What the **** do you need money for Gloria?”
“I told you I need a car, but you take so much of my money I could barley afford a box!”
“Your money? Its my money! I’m the one who gets the stuff, and I’m the one that gives it to you!”
“I’m the one that sells it and I have to put my neck on the line cause I’m the one that’ll get caught!”
“We still split it fifty-fifty so what are you complaining about?” He shouted back after a small pause.
“We don’t split fifty-fifty! I have to pay other kids to help, and that comes out of my paycheck!”

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Location: Dallas

“You could just do it by yourself!”
“I couldn't’t sell this crap by myself! I have to have help!”
“Well figure out how to get your money without putting me at risk!”
“What the hell are you talking about? I didn't’t put you at risk!”
“If you go down they’ll search your place, find the stuff, and find out about me! So find some, semi-legal way to get your money! Can you do that?”
I thought for a while, then muttered, “Yeah I can,” I hung up, then climbed up into my room, and planned out what I was going to do

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