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Kyo Kusanagi Vs Ryu
Started by: REY1987

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I'll give it to Ryu. They don't show much strength, speed, and energy feats, so you have to really pay attention to the cast. Now, everyone should know that Seth's, Urien's, G, and Q all have metallic bodies, this make me believe that the boulder ryu lifted in 3rd strike is nothing to him now, because that wouldn't be enough to put a dent in those characters like Seth. Then you have Zangief making his body iron and Abigail being able to create shockwaves with his strength. So they're lifting a lot of tons. Does any one know how much force it takes to put a dent or break silver, gold, or iron? Could Seth's body be an alloy of silver? These are intelligent super villains trying to take over the world, they won't make regular silver for their bodies I'm sure. As for speed, yun, yang, chun-li, nacelli, Balrog, urien, Abigail etc, all show super speed through their fighting. Q runs to multiple cities causing destruction, that has to be very fast. And as for HEAT, the hadoken has to have heat to burn those kind of metal like beings and I doubt Alums will accept the hadoken only being concussive. He'll run into a lot of trouble against more powerful opponents. G uses pyrokenesis, so he's burning pass lava and mags temperatures. This means that the hadoken has to be a big threat, it has to burn him, because he's pretty hot, plus a gold body. So I give it to ryu, even though in the street fighter 5 movie it was a inconsistent.


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Home » Misc » Computer / Video Games Discussion » Games 'Versus' Forum » Kyo Kusanagi Vs Ryu

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