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S04E05 - Hysterical Blindness
Started by: S_D_J

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Loved this episode, though "Ink" was much better. I think everyone suspected of Gretchen, but I never thought we will have another invisible person (everyone wants Claude) though it appears she can move between planes, cuz it did seem as she teleported to go to Samuel and then back to Campus. It's nice to have plot points resolved in later episodes (the suicide note) because it shows they are caring about them. Though it can be argued the introduction of Rebecca "Becky" was a bit cheap, since she could have been in it from day one, I though the montage of her being behind everything that's happened to Claire was nicely done.

I continue to love Emma,... and her discussion with her mother, inter-cut with Peter/Angela's conversation was pretty well done, showing to opposite sides (wanting to connect/wanting to be alone) loved the "you work to much" line

I agree that turning her ability into something deadly it's unnecessary, but at least they introduced it slowly instead of in full swing, only to be killed as soon as it shows.
Peter trying to run and hitting his legs when he couldn't was hilarious, as it was Claire-Gretchen kiss.

the best part was Sylar (and obviously Ernie Hudson). it was so refreshing watching Zachary Quinto play something other than evil or flip-flopping Sylar. Just as Emma last time, watching him discovering his power, and not being able to remember anything was pure gold. The "ticking"... nice. And then the escape was actually quite energetic and really entertaining.

what I like the most though, it's having normal characters around (though as small or recurring as they can be). Ernie Hudson's Captain Lubbock is a perfect example, and even though I don't know her character name, the psychologist played Christine Adams was a nice character too... and I sorta like Gretchen.

quote: (post)
Originally posted by REXXXX
I think people watch Heroes wanting to see super-powered battles... but that's really not the point of the show. I like the character interactions, especially now that the characters aren't flip-flopping all over the place.

I agree. I never thought of Heroes as action-sci fi show or the (Live) action Justice League reincarnated. That has never been the point. It's always been about normal people discovering they have abilities and what they do with them and how that affects their normal lives. It was somehow grounded in reality... and then it went closer to the "Comics" side of superheroes and that's when its started to suck. People coming back from the dead, super healing blood that revives anyone, and the old clutch of Saving the World of future cataclysm and any other comic Mcguffin around. I like that it was like "Watchmen" superheroes, and no so much like "DC/Marvel" stuff. you can't really explain how this power could actually happen in the real world, it's more like magic than anything, but I'm more interested in how this character develop and how they use their power in real situations. A super powered fight is always nice to watch, action is almost inherent, but not always necessary as it sometimes does little to move the story.

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Originally posted by starlock
I think the law of averages is in your favor with that assumption...but i want suspense.terror,drama, light hearted fun....done right...done with some skill and talent.....if i want to i can always record soap operas to get my drama over drama sad story weird family scenarios......i thought the point of the show was HEROES?...i understand that they all have lives....and with that comes daily dramas and such...but is it too much to ask for it to be done the right way?

They are actually doing it right this time around. I really hope they can keep it up.


"When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die." -BANE

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