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The Problem
Started by: Deano

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The Problem

The Problem

God is dead and we are all just animals. There is no right or wrong, only what is necessary for me to survive. If I persuade, deceive, or force you into giving up your resources for my well being, then the only standard you have against me is to appeal to the herd and stampede me into submission, punishment, or death.

If the herd has been convinced that you no longer are of any value, then what right do you have to disagree? None. You can scream and struggle, wiggle and squirm, but in the end you are just an animal backed into a corner. Your life and death are meaningless, unless your death frees up some resources for the herd to sustain itself, then your death is preferred. However you'll be forgotten as soon as you are consumed. Well maybe not that soon. Surely they'll be a post consumption conversation about how inadequately you served your final purpose.

Does this not seem fair? What about your rights? They can be found in the same sewer where ran the blood of your murdered God. You no longer have a higher standard to appeal to. The will of the masses is the standard, and today you have been measured against it and you've been found wanting. You eat to much, breath to much, breed to much, work to much, talk to much, care to much, love to much. You must be killed so that the resources you are wasting become available to those who are behaving. Submit yourself therefore to those whom the herd have ordained, and marvel at least at the brilliance of the propaganda justifying your fate.

Your final breath screams for liberty and freedom, but your voice is lost amongst the monolithic braying of the highest power in a godless existence. Your liberty is a threat to the peaceful predictability of the system, your speech is an unintelligible annoyance distracting from the popular entertaining melodies, the property you claim is better disposed of placating the obedient.

This is the conclusion. We have killed God and in doing so we have slit the throat of our own liberty. Our only hope is in a resurrection.

An interesting page from the forums

Always propulgate the conspiracy. The conspiracy is useful. To half of the population it discredits our activities, making us seem as make-believe, things of movies, comic books, and folk-lore. To the other half it makes us appear as god-men, as they attribute random events to our agenda that no human or group of humans could possibly orchestrate. The conspiracy divides the population against itself over the validity of our control, leaving us free to carry on with our purpose. There is no need to hide the conspiracy. Talk about it plainly, some will believe you are insane and dismiss you, the others will know you speak the truth, and they will be seen as insane and dismissed. Either way you will be left to continue your work.


The other gods! The other gods! The gods of the outer hells that guard the feeble gods of earth!... Look away... Go back... Do not see! Do not see!

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Home » Misc » Conspiracy Forum » The Problem

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