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Superman Novel
Started by: vortector

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Superman Novel

That I am trying to express. I hope it is something ya'll enjoy. I would very much like to continue it. But it can only be continued if I get it right. So part of the story..

The boy ran
It pained him knowing he had left; he knew he couldn’t stay. He was horrified at the thought of his mother seeing him like this, how would she react? When the game ended, people over flowed the streets. The café was swarmed within moments. When the players and gathering crowd saw him, they had no idea who he was; no one knew what to expect. It didn’t take long before their fear was replaced by bravado, and they advanced quickly. He decided to run, but did not get very far. Few moments passed before he was spotted again; one of the many headlights discovered him near a multitude of people. The boy knew he would lose this fight, even if he won; so he ran.
He ran through the streets, then the alleys, as he evaded the potential onslaught; he even jumped over fences into unsuspecting yards. As they chased, and called after him; he remained relentless in his escape. I don’t want anyone to get hurt, but first; that means me!
Eventually the voices faded, almost vanished, that is; until he heard the dogs. He changed his pace to match his new direction, and aimed for the glass fields; any other way and they would catch him.
He had been running about ten minutes, and started noticing barricaded windows, even doors with obtrusions; blocking all passage. At least dad will be proud, no one was hurt; yet. The whole ordeal was a mock on society, he was afraid though, his father understood the danger; he was told to expect it. Neither of them expected it quite like this.
He hoped no one had seen him. The purple sky was a beautiful portrait, a portrait that could end me. The white sun from the day before had done its part, if a little different; the boy had almost hopped away as he felt its surge. Question fueled him as he remarked believing he might actually survive the fold, but as the sky turned the many bright and brilliant hues; he perceived the danger that would come. What form lies dormant that these people truly fear? “They chase me because of foolishness,” he cried out. He noticed all too late that any pleas he made were responded by the guttural sounds of his pursuers. He imagined they could understand him as well as he could understand them.
The mob screamed for blood as they pursued. Everyone who chased him, he knew. They knew nothing of his standing; they saw a beast. They merely saw something that threatened what they knew. He stared at the hazy twilight. He missed the blue sunrise, even it would have been a welcoming sight compared to the violet night. He understood his omen. Instinct demanded him to win, by all means; but he didn’t understand the rules that he had to play by. It seemed it meant his life as a sacrifice to these brutes.
Some of them were his neighbors. Eventually, he even spotted people who were not local. They gathered, and frayed together to battle the unknown beast. Other’s screamed for mercy while they prayed for blood. Those that chased merely wanted to insure their own continuity, and the succession of those they cared for. He knew some of the men, however; some of them were there for sport. They did not know him at that moment, probably did not care; they saw a nightmare that they wanted forgotten. They merely saw something that they had to conquer. Dad told me to expect it, but even he could not have expected this.

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Location: 72830

Superman Novel

A story that I am hoping to express, so long as it captures the essence of one of the most significant superheroes ever dreamed; and it can fall into the realm of possibility in the known phenomenon of science.

Paper Boy
Clark wiped his glasses. The humidity and probably the extra few layers made him a scorcher. He wasn’t sweating or anything, the air around him seemed to come alive. “Hey looks like your losing pretty bad there. You should try to take over the, well; your toast now.”
“Yeah, thanks; really now. Doesn’t matter, wouldn’t have won this fight anyhow. I tried to demonstrate an idea, and they all fell on me like dominos.”
Lois sat on the desk next to keyboard, “what kind of idea?” She started laughing, “that you could win and they would lose?”
“There’s no way to block and win. You can attack and use a ton of different strategies, but the one that should work; doesn’t”
“If you always blocked, and could always get away with it; the game would never end. You would have to wait until they got tired, or decided to attack.”
“Is that really a bad thing? Look, we wonder why we we’re in a decline? It’s because we forgot the basics. If you celebrate destruction; you allow it. I think it’s the same way with a good movie; why let a good thing end? Because of everything we claim is great, we don’t know how to keep conversation going long enough to think about the repercussions of even needing to fight.”
Lois had taken over on the game, and with the sheer numbers of defending; crippled the opposing seven teams. The map was huge; everyone had bonuses by the 40th turn. Clark had secured unwanted territory quickly; he started defending with two thirds the opposing teams’ numbers. No one viewed his area as a threat, and while they battled over the course of the game; Clark defended and amassed an enormous army. When everyone saw it, he kept defending as they coordinated their attacks. It took five turns before one of his borders broke. “This is what I call Jupiter, Clark. Right now, you have enough men to keep you ahead for about two turns. All of my defending territories are clustering together; I’ll have enough men to coast everyone back together. Hopefully, they’ll try for your territory; otherwise they may go for the finishing blow. I think I round everyone up, right here;” she pointed an area that gave a bonus of four. Small compared to some of the ten’s. “It will take about fifteen turns to group all of the men, but; you’ll have enough to really do some damage if you take the initiative.”
“I don’t like the rules on this game, if you can attack and move; you should be able to defend and hold it together. Honestly; if it worked in real life...”
“Nice crusade, but you need to stick to the kid games. People want to exert their influence, sometimes dominance; and show everyone why they should remember the winners’ name. There is no end to your game.”
“Is that such a bad thing? Everyone winning, everyone getting it right?” She just had to laugh, he thought. “They all kind of just ‘beamed’ the ‘it’s on’ thought.”
“It looks like it took them a while to break through you, but; what did you expect? The game is easy ‘take over the world or get taken’.” He grunted, here she goes. “If you want to win you have to ally with someone and then cut throat everyone! People love the idea of beating someone else so long as they get a chance at being on top, too. Deny it or not, they attacked; that's why they won."
"They attacked and now only one wins. Most of these guys won’t last the next five rounds, in fact; I bet even the one who stands alone lost because no one is around to share the map wit. People wonder why no one gets along. We encourage it from youth up.”
“People want to know they’re going to make it, and if it involves ‘them’ winning; they’ll take down anyone that gets in their way. Anyone who doesn’t fight only gets taken out slower, but they still get taken out. You want to make sure everyone lives in balance in a game like that? You have to take the biggest chunk, and guard it. Someone wants to ally with you? Make sure they want the same thing.”
“Why even take sides at all? Why can’t there be a common ground that allows everyone to gain?”
“If we all had the goods no one would want anything. There is no growth in stagnant waters. You might get some gross green stuff, but you’ll also find that if it doesn’t leave the cesspool; it’ll just consume itself. By the way, can I have the last Bear Claw? Thanks. Their rules work together so long as 'I’ equals win. Face it loser, they want a bigger piece of the pie; they took it from you."
"Guess you’re right. Figured if everyone worked together with the right kind of push, not only would we all win; just maybe it would be the only way to see if we could max our numbers out.” He leaned back in his chair. “If we went forward with common focus, what could go wrong? I wonder how many reinforcements’ we would all have, before; the game platform couldn’t add anymore to it. Anyway, no one budged; only one wins this fight. It was a good game though. Not a game I like to lose, but love to play it. Maybe one day they’ll give the idea a chance and for once see how big our numbers could get. I mean they’ll have a cap off right?”
“Yeah, I suppose.”
“Well that would be awesome, almost like the number itself; breaking the rule of infinity.”
“What? You want the numbers to end? Who wants to live forever anyway; wouldn’t it be a boar?”
“I’d like to believe it would be pretty swell if I could share it with everyone else. I don’t think I would want to be alone. Look, I don’t know how you see the game rules; I see it that if anyone’s to stop the circuit of, ‘take more to guarantee for me’ thing that they do; it’s obvious. We need a different kind of shield, someone or something; that doesn’t break.”
“What are you talking about Clark? Here, let me get; here it is. She started reading, ‘a person or thing that provides protection, um; and some other stuff that branches off from the original meaning.”
Clark received the dictionary, and read for himself. “You know what? I think I have another branch that might even add some perspective.”
“What? You think they won’t just see you trying to gun for your fifteen minutes on fifteen lines?” She had a point. “If you did, though; what would your definition be?”
“Well; all shields have one thing in common.”
“What leather straps and buckles?” She laughed, “no, really. They stop stuff.“
“I just see a shield a little differently, that’s all; it’s more an add-on than anything. All shields inevitably do one thing, they break. If the shield breaks, then it’s really not a shield anymore. If it was a good shield, its purpose would be to bend, or buckle; against the opposing force. If it was a great shield, it would buckle to everything, rather than breaking. If it was a shield that could not break, then it would be adaptive to opposition. In fact,” he started penning in his own definition; “I think that if the editors added my definition to their list that they would probably find that this kind of shield isn’t such a bad idea.”
“Wow a shield that could stop anything? Next, we’ll have a hammer that can crack anything.”
“Yeah,” he thought. “The oblivious force of one-upping. I’ll still give it a try. My definition, shield; shield is an abstract word. Shield is something that cannot be made, it merely is. A shield has no break, it only bends to allow adaption; and by doing so support still blocks all.”

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Location: 72830

Merely another entry

Hope ya'll liked the other ones, this is another passage from the novel. Let me know what ya'll would do differently so long as the rules are followed...

Superman can not kill.

Lois is not a whore.

Everyone in the story must be a bad ass.

Jimmy and Clark are having a conversation near the lobby concession stand.
“You like to make bets Jimmy?”
“So long as I win,” Jimmy smirked as he smelled a challenge waft in the air. “Do you want to add another bet to your tab?”
Clark smiled, “my bet is smooth, maybe a little plain. I know the bet of bets; want to play a game? If you like to brag, or want to gloat; you can sink the bet that floats.” Clark laughed, “here’s the bet Jimmy; I bêt I can make more bêt’s than you.”
Jimmy looked at him questioningly, “a bet like that doesn’t end. If I made a bet, you would just bet again. If I added another bet, then it would just continue ‘as the bet’.”
Clark looked at the ground for a moment, gathering his thoughts. “Okay Jimmy, here’s the bet; if you agree that we can both win the bet, then bet I’m wr’ii’te.”
“Okay, just for a moment I’ll say you’re wr’ii’te; how can you make more bets than me?”
“By changing the definition of bêt, the bêt concludes by default.”
“Default, of what? A bet is a bet. I bet you I can make two bets for every bet you make.”
“If the definition of bet were changed, even altered slightly; people’s perception of the word would progress with intended direction. The definition of bet is to stake an outcome, an abstract thought that becomes a concrete objective. If you bet me, by your definition; you claim there is an end to the bet, and the bet ends with the conclusion of the terms. By changing the definition of bet, to bêt; I win.”
“I used to think you were a smart cookie, now I know you lost it,” Jimmy shook his head. “What’s your definition of bêt?”
“Imagine for a moment, anyone and everyone; could create and change their own definitions.” Clark waited a moment while the foreign principle took seed. “Let’s start from the beginning. Humans, and other creatures in our world; can make audible sounds. From these sounds, and the thought behind them; people developed many alphabets. By joining various pieces of the alphabet together, we form words, then sentences; and eventually complex dialogue. If I think war, I don’t think about something to fancy; I think of who I want to war with and where wars are. Because people wrote a definition that describes war, they can achieve it by creating it. If I think peace, I am at peace. There is no person to take it from, but I can give it away freely enough. If I change the definition of peace: to describe someone that I am perfect for, and that is perfect for me; then the next person I meet that fits the description of that definition, will bring me peace; merely by being there.”
“You live in a beautiful world; try not to trip on the real one.” Jimmy didn’t try to cover his mock approval.
“It’s a bit lonely at times. When you know you’re wrong about everything and everyone else knows they are right, life becomes tricky.”
“I’m following you on this, but there are still too many gaps. Love is an abstract thought, still; science can show it’s real.”
“Everything from dopamine to adrenaline helps get the love boat rowing. Are you in love with your brain, or are you in love with the person; the one you dusted out the cobwebs for?”
“You’re off track, Clark. The hormones and chemistry are still real. Having someone there to initiate it makes it more real. Kind of like you and the reporter… Okay; hold the wagon on this one,” Clark smiled. “I get it, by defining the word; you are saying that it becomes a concrete objective. You wanted love, and now it’s available if you can seize the moment. Regardless, she doesn’t see you the way you see her; so you still don’t have ‘your’ definition workout the way you want it to.”
Clark wasn’t smiling anymore, “that’s because in a world of ‘whose on top’ the guy on bottom doesn’t get the girl.”
“It’s a beautiful concept, Clark; even if it isn’t the real world. So with your new definition of bet; how are we both going to win?”
“If you want me to lose the bet; I’ll buy you lunch today. If you want us both to win, go along with me this week. Tomorrow is not the end of today; tomorrow is the beginning of a new day. The bêt? Define abstract principle, to achieve concrete purpose. I am so sure of this bêt, the whole point of bêt; I bêt I am the worst one of all of us.”
“That’s a silly bet, everyone knows how nice you are; can’t get away from the farm life Smallville. Shoot even I do more wrong than you.”
“You proved me wrong, by saying ‘you’ are wrong,” Jimmy was beginning to get it. “You said yourself that I am bêttêr than you.”
Jimmy wasn’t used to people getting the upper hand in conversations, “alright, you got some tricks; any treats to go with that?”
“I’ll bêt you an even better bêt.”
“Okay, I’m listening really good now.”
“I bêt: if you allow yourself to agree with me all week, I can demonstrate everyone winning. It’s tricky on my part, I just need you to agree.”
“It sounds nice, but a bit plain. If everyone played the lottery, and everyone won; no one would get anything worthwhile from it. It would get split up. The totem pole has a bottom for a reason. Even now, you’re telling me about love; and your eye is on someone who’s not looking back. Your lady is stalking the streets for a story, not the Lois and Clark story.” Jimmy leaned against the wall as he waited for the elevator, “I bet if you wanted to win any bet, you’d put all your eggs in one basket; maybe color them up a little. After you get some nice flower patterns going, give the basket to Lois.”
Clark chuckled audibly, “there is a way for everyone to win, and prosper. Leave Lois to me; I bet we’re in love; she just doesn’t know it yet. If you want to keep up, get it straight.”
“Okay, what do I do?”
Clark shook his head, “This is going to be harder than I thought; let me redefine straight for you. Straight, as you look at it, is a one or two way streak; my way or your way. I defined it your way first. Straight, from ‘my perspective’; is our way together.”
“Okay, but I’m still not following you.”
“I already said it, ‘my definition of straight’, is something that can only benefits us; mutual gain.”

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