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The Order of Magick - Role Play
Started by: MadMel

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RP Legend

Gender: Female
Location: The Land Beyond what Time can Touch

Mana had risen, only to fall down next to Richter, sitting beside him. She raised a hand up toward his face as the cat crawled over the males shoulder and onto her arm, using it like a bridge to climb onto Mana's head. Her hands rose up to pet the creature. She smiled, watching the creature, then turning her gaze toward Richter.

"So I located an artifact." Mana began to speak, bringing her hands down from the cat to herself, searching her person to pull out a parchment. Unfolding it, the parchment contained instructions and what looked to be a map. "It's something that you might be interested in." The girl offered the parchment to Richter.


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Gender: Male
Location: Australia

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Originally posted by MadMel
The party moved as fast as they could. The darkness fell around them as they ran. Any magicks that were not used on on lighting the way were used on speed. They weren't fast enough, however. The lights of the fires coming from Gant's wooden walls lit the way to a horrific scene. The town was being torched. Screams were coming from every direction, accompanied by high pitched, cackling laughter.
No one had seen or heard of a Goblin raid for ten years. The Order of Magick had seen to that. Such peace was impossible to last when it came to Goblins, however.

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Originally posted by The Big O
Thane's mouth gaped. He was expecting far different than what he saw in Gant. He expected nothing short of the common scene of people scurrying about in their own lives and travelers of all sorts re-stocking on supplies they might require for their travels. Instead, everything was burning. Houses, market stands, people. It was chaos.

And then, there came the goblins. Thane hadn't seen one since the first time his magicks activated when he was 12 years of age. They weren't the biggest or most opposing of creatures. Unless they caught you off guard or you couldn't properly defend yourself. Apparently, this town suffered from both instances.

A small contingent of 6 goblins ( ) decided that they wanted to test the groups mettel. Thane was not willing to let this happen. Remembering what occured to him and his father 13 years ago, he quickly took aim at the one who seemed the bravest and let loose a shining arrow.

The creature froze in place and the rest had an expression that seemed to be a mixture of surprise, anger and fear. They all charged at the group then just as Thane let another arrow fly. This time he shouted "MULTIPLY" - tapping into his force-of-will magicks - as the arrow flew at it's target. Before it collided with one of the goblins, the arrow split into 6 other arrows and they all connected with their targets.

Two of the goblins instantly caught fire. The one that was already frozen exploded and the remaining three froze where they stood. Thane smirked and said to the group, "We must purge this town of these vile beasts. They may be small but do not underestimate that. They can be sneaky and crafty." As soon as he said this, Thane was knocked back a few feet by an energy ball. As he got back up and dusted himself off, he was greeted by the sight of a goblin mage. ( )

"Damn. I wasn't expecting that."

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Originally posted by starryknight
Raven stood back and let the boys handle the goblins and focused on the fires that threatened to destroy homes. She tried to gather water molecules however there was little due to the fires, she looked around trying to find a well or a anything she could draw water directly from. She was lucky enough to find a well and ran to it and a quick spell allowed her to gain control of the water inside, water shot towards the heavens and begun to pour down like a heavy rain dousing the flames.

Cold rain started to pour over the battlefield. Kal knew instantly it was Raven's doing. There was a chilly touch to the downpour that was all too magical. Kal ran over to Thane's side, between him and the Goblin spellcaster. With a flick of his cane the young wizard shot an arcane missile towards the Goblin, who swung his staff into the purple mass, and dispersed it, as though it were splashing water and not volatile magical energy.
"what the-" Kal exclaimed, barely managing to bring up a phantom shield to block the blast of pale golden energy fired back. He retaliated instantly. Three arcane missiles flew at the Goblin. Kal concentrated, bringing his will down on a single projectile. It exploded with a flash of light, obscuring the other two until they were right on top of the Goblin. With a whirling sound, two spectral axes flew at the Goblin from either side. This was one of Kal's favored tactics: using the blinding light as a distraction to hide the real attack.
With a chuckle, however, the Goblin mage twirled his staff, catching the two arcane missiles and dispelling them as he had the first. Then he summoned the same yellowish energy he used to attack Kal and Thane, and encased his body in it. The axes thudded against the glowing dome, and with a loud sizzling sound, the axes and energy disappeared. All in the blink of an eye.
Kal raised an eyebrow, his mouth slightly open, as the Goblin cackled and jeered. Clearly, this sorcerer had much more experience with martial magic than any of the graduates. Given that this was the only Goblin mage any of them had ever seen, this was a nasty revelation. Kal glanced sideways at Thane. "Together?" he asked out of the corner of his mouth.


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The Big O
The Original O

Gender: Male
Location: In the midst of it all

Thane minutely nodded as he drew his bow while looking directly at the powerful goblin. It was a surprise to him that the goblin laughed off Kal's go-to trick, even a variation of it. He never heard of a goblin mage showing as much skill as this one was. They would have to be more cunning and better. He took a shot at the barrier the goblin encased himself in. The shining arrow sunk into the dome and a relatively subdued explosion barely erupted from it. The goblin laughed even louder and Thane grimaced.

He quickly glanced at Kal before firing another bright arrow at the dome. Where it collided with the magical barrier, a circle of fire flashed that signified that Thane's magicks were trying to speed up and burn away the goblin's magick. However, it did not.

"You have a plan, right," he asked Kal. After all, he was the strategist in the group.

Still looking for that sig....

In the mean time, I never DID see that anime where I unintentionally got my name from. Is it any good

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