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P.A.T.H sign up thread/ OOC
Started by: Gecko4lif

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P.A.T.H sign up thread/ OOC

In the near future humanity has evolved the P gene (psychic gene). This evolution has triggered a global arms race for these special individuals. In the forefront of this hunt is the Gustrang Conglomerate headed by Theo Heath. Heath has killed, kidnapped, or sold roughly 70% of all discovered psychics and must be dealt with if there is going to be any chance of peace. This has led to the formation of P.A.T.H a terrorist organization of psychics bent on the destruction of Gustrang, their financial backers, allies, and of course Theo Heath.

Character creation is as follows. Everyone has 20 points to use. These points can be spent on powers or skills. There is no way to train or level up something in game so what you choose you choose, its final. There is however a away to acquire more points. By completing missions you have your file reclassified in the Gustrang archives. With each reclassification it is discovered you are "stronger than originally accessed" and gain points to use as you see fit. Here are the points gained for each reclassification so that you may plan for the future.
F to D - 3 points
D to C - 5 points
C to B - 7 points
B to A - 9 points
A to S - 20 points
S to SS - 25 points

Characters Sheets
Brief backstory

All skills and powers max at rank 7 (7 points invest). The more ranks you have the better you are at it. No power ranks above 5 before you reach B classification.

Skill list ( if you don't have a rank in a skill you can not perform it period. If you are a 6'6 270 linebacker with 0 ranks in Cqc a small child with 1 rank WILL kick your ass)

Lock picking & Slight of hand
Information Gathering

You can have any power listed here that isn't reality warping and doesn't have the word omni in it, or would otherwise be obviously game breaking.

Some basic suggestions


If you have questions about what a power does at a rank then pm me, I wouldn't want this thread to be littered by the same question over and over

Interesting characters will be rewarded ( Eg Professional wrestler with maxed CQC, pyrokinesis and subterfuge)

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Home » Role Playing » Role Playing Forum » P.A.T.H sign up thread/ OOC

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