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Darh Necros "StarWars FanFic" series
Started by: WildBantha88

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Darh Necros "StarWars FanFic" series

This is an on going series I have been doing on another forum but since that forums not to active I thought I would post some of them here to widen the demographic. Also im not a very great writer so while I do appreciate constructive criticism, please don't bash my writing.

Chapter 1

Sweat dripped from the tips of Tyvans short black hair onto the red sand of Korriban, he adjusted his footing in the sand and positioned his training blade into a defensive pose. His breath came in deep raspy gasps and his muscles quivered from exhaustion. His whole body looked weak and ready to crumble with the exception of his eyes that were burning yellow with anger as they trained steadily on the Zabrak standing across from him, who was poised to launch another assault. Rubac, is the zabraks name, he had a full head of horns and his red skin was interrupted by a thick black line that ran down the middle of his face with lines breaking off of it and zigzagging across the rest of his face. Both Tyvan and Rubac were the apprentice to the powerful sith lord Darth Batus, who stood to the side watching the duel. Batus had hand picked Rubac and Tyvan to be his apprentices nearly two years ago and had explained that at the end of our apprenticeship one of them would be dead and the other would be given the title of Darth and become a full fledged sith. That time was nearly coming and Rubac was more powerful than Tyvan in every category.

Rubac lunged forward, darting across the sand to make his final assault on his weary prey. Tyvan braced himself to meet the opponent head on. Just as Rubac was about to rain down upon him the zabrak leaped into the air and soared over his head. Rubac landed behind Tyvan and began raining strikes at his nemesis. Tyvan spun around just in time, barely managing to deflect the first blow. The next strikes were to much and he was unable to block them all. Rubacs training blade hit his left should with a painful crack, he felt a split second of intense pain, then his arm went numb. A kick to the stomach knocked the air out of his lungs and nocked him to the ground then a powerful knee was pressed painfully down onto his throat.

"Let me kill him," Rubacs eyes stared up at there master, "I have proven that I am the superior. Let me end his life and grant me the title of Darth"
Darth Batus pale sunken features contorted under his heavy hood as he contemplated the request.

"Now is not the time." He finally replied.

Rubracs fist clenched in anger and he pressed his knee more vigorously onto his victim throat.
"How many times must I defeat this pitiful whelp until it is time?" He shouted, "Its been months since he has beaten me in any form of contest and yet you still allow this weakling to live!"

Batus gave no response, his answer stood firm. Batus turned and walked away. Rubacs emanated with rage, he pressed his knee down so hard onto Tyvans throat that he feared he may crush it entirely.
"Mark my words whelp," His voice nearly shaking from anger, "when he finally does let me kill you, I will gut you like a Womp Rat"

Rubac released his knee and stormed off. Tyvan rolled over in the sand, coughing up blood and gasping for air. After few minutes of gasping for breath his breathing returned to an unhealthy wheezing sound. Mustering all the strength he had left he used his one working arm to push himself up into a kneeling position. He looked around, his vision was blurred and the world spun. Gathering the darkside inside of him he strengthened his leg muscles and forces himself to stand. He wobbled and nearly fell but managed to keep his footing. Holding his dangling arm he began staggering back inside the academy, he didn't even notice the other student snickering as he stumbled his depleted body back to his room. He limped over to his bed and toppled onto the soft mattress, giving himself over to unconsciousness.

Chapter 2

Tyvan walked through the halls of the academy towards his masters quarters. A few days had past since the last duel with Rubac. His left arm was moveable and is throat was no longer sore. Training had continued as usual although Rubacs murderous gazes had only grown even more intense. Tyvan had just been summoned to his master quarters, which wasn't out of the ordinary, but he still had no idea why. He paused for a second to take a deep breath outside his masters door. Although he had been in his master presence countless time before, he never felt comfortable when he was. There was something eerie about his master that made all the student uneasy, almost as if fear itself was being exhaled from his lungs. Tyvan finally stepped into his quarters and took a bow.

"Welcome apprentice." Darth Batus greeted in his deep raspy voice.

"I was told you summoned me." Tyvan folded his hands behind his back and stood respectfully before his master who was sitting behind a giant desk mulling over scrolls and texts.

"I did, I did" His master looked up from his reading at his apprentice, pushed back his chair and stood up. Batus was very tall. Tyvan, however, was only of normal height but Batus stood a head taller than everyone else. Batus was also old, or at least he looked it, his face was narrow and his features were sunken. Although you wouldn't notice since his head was always covered by a heavy hood, his skin was a sickly white color and veins covered his face, the dark side had not been kind to him physically. His eyes were bright yellow and they shone like two blazing stars piercing the very soul of what ever being he lay his eyes on.

"Some of the other masters say," Darth Batus rounded his desk and positioned himself in front of his apprentice as he talked' "that I have been too lenient on you." He paused for a second. "They believe that I should let Rubac kill you and name him a full fledged sith." Darth Batus stood towering over Tyvan.

Tyvan opened his mouth to reply but he was cut off by his master. "This may be true too an extent, Rubac does posses greater martial skill and has a more advanced command of the force than you do, but you have your own merits as well. Rubac is a great warrior who will make an excellent soldier to throw at the enemy but he lacks ambition. I sense far greater potential in you than I do in him. You are much smarter and far more cunning, where as he would be just another pawn to throw away you would be a far more dangerous sith."

Tyvan filled with pride, praise from any master was hard to come by and, especially from such a stern master as Batus.

"This is why," Batus continued, " I have refused to allow him to kill you thus far. But I have nearly reached the end of my rope. I cannot prolong your death for much longer and soon I will be forced to submit to Rubacs blood lusting urges." Tyvan swallowed at the sound of that. "But I am giving you one last opportunity. The Dark Counsel has recently discovered a lone tomb far out in the dessert. They wish for me to send one of my apprentices along with two other apprentices into the dessert to investigate the tomb. Darth Scalva will be leading this expedition. Primarily I would have chosen my strongest apprentice for this mission but I wish to give you the chance to prove yourself. The desserts of Korribans are dangerous and Sith Tombs are even more lethal. The likelihood that you will come back is slim but if by chance you do survive, I will name you a sith in Rubacs stead. Prepare yourself apprentice, Darth Scalva is waiting for you at the speeder port."

"Thank you master." Tyvan bowed deeply. He didn't know what to feel, fear for the possibility that he may die, or joy that he may actually become a true sith. Had he not been given this opportunity Rubac would have killed him sooner or latter.

"You are dismissed." Batus waved his hand toward the door, "Oh, and be carefull, Rubac has been eves dropping on this entire conversation." He added on with a sly smile as Tyvan was about to leave. Tyvan nodded and exited the door.

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