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Dark Side Of The Matrix
Started by: MMR

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Dark Side Of The Matrix

Hello Fellas,
Here's the Correctly sync, was discovered a long time. Post your thoughts about! enjoy!
Sorry for the english wrongs.

The album The Dark Side of The Moon of the English band Pink Floyd, considered by many as one of the most important rock and current music is a concept album that presents conflicts of human existence as time, loneliness, money, madness. As the disc, the movie Matrix also shows that all these conflicts can be identified to see sync. That is not only associated with soundtrack in combination movie images, but mostly the plot shows that the disk in his lyrics and in relation to what actually happens in each part of the story.
The symbolism and the relationship between these two masterpieces can really be considered an enigma due to the fact that such precision is presented.
This review will be presented just a few points that I consider more latent, and present the first time the disc rotates, but there are many more that can be identified throughout the film, I leave that task to capture floydfăns.
The timing starts when the Warner logo appears and it stabilizes at 14 seconds of the movie, this is the moment in which the air must play the disc 3 times that exact wheel can make allusion to the album cover that is a triangle.

1 - Speak to Me
The beginning starts intriguing, the film a computer screen with a blinking cursor at the same pace of background music's heart beat in this song. Soon after, along with the beat, a characteristic noise of breast starts to play and the movie, in fact many numbers appear on the screen, changing just like a cash register. Right now the image is "entering" the number zero and'' out'' in the lantern police at the exact moment that begins the second song Breathe, awesome moment.

2 - Breathe
The film begins with a team of police raiding a hotel room, where the character is Trinity. Right now the scenes run comfortably to the music. Appear until the scene became very famous for having been recorded in style 360 ​​degrees, which Trinity is shot this way and kicks the police away, that moment where you sing, "Look around and choose your own ground", "Look at around and choose your own ground. " And as a result, when Trinity goes up on the wall as if to escape the flying bullets, they sing "For long you live and high you'll fly" - "For long you live and fly high."
So far Trinity can peacefully break away from police until you receive a call from the Nebuchadnezzar crew to escape and run, because now the agents are coming, and right now we sing "Run, rabbit run Dig That Hole, forget the sun (Run, rabbit run, Cave that hole, forget the sun).

3 - On the Run
At this point Trinity gets out of the building and the terrace begins to desperately escape the moment the music On the Run (flushing) begins. Going a bit on this song they hear footsteps running and could not be otherwise as Trinity's running.
Right now the film Trinity escapes taking a pay phone on the street, and Agent Smith runs him over with a truck and the trail follows in complete sync, it goes down and you hear "Live for today, gone tomorrow, that's me, Ha Ha haaaaaa!" (I live by today and and do not care about tomorrow, that's me Ha Ha haaaaa!) Free Translation.
At this point, the scene changes and first appears Neo In music has many sounds of airplanes, and right now also hear sounds of helicopters. Neo is sleeping on top of the table in front of the computer that news: "Morpheus escapes police at Heathrow". This scene is also marked by decision-flight camera.

4 - Time
To the extent that the song "On the Run" arrives at its height and the'' Matrix 'meets Neo and you hear a loud bang, as if an airplane had crashed and exploded at that time Neo wakes up and the music begins Time.
In the sequel, Neo goes to a nightclub, he meets Trinity, the conversation between them Trinity tells Neo, who knows what he seeks and knows why he loses his nights looking for something on your computer, looking for answers. Let's see what the song says that time:
"Kicking around on a piece of ground, In your home town / Waiting for someone or something to show you the way. Tired of lying in the sunshine / Staying home to watch the rain / You are young and life is long and / There is time to kill today / And then one day you find / Ten years have got behind you / No One Told You When to run / You missed the starting gun.
"Wandering in a piece of land / Where your hometown / Waiting for someone or something / To show you the path / Tired of lying in the sunshine / From stay at home watching the rain / You are young and life is long / A time to enjoy the day / And then one day you find ten years have been back / No one told you when to run / You missed the starting gun. "
Neo wakes up and realizes he's late for his job, Time is the name of the song.

5 - The Great Gig In The Sky
At that moment begins a tense part of the film, and likewise begins a tense music. It is the moment when Neo is trying to escape the building (The Great Thing in Heaven) and vocalizations become increasingly intense, they accompany impressively dynamic of the film and this time Neo is caught by the agents that lead to one interrogation.

6 - Money
Under questioning Agent Smith tries to buy Neo and offer a remission of their virtual crimes to justice and help catch Morpheus.

7 - Us and Them
The song begins with Neo to meet Morpheus, the lyrics and music fit perfectly. Morpheus tells Neo that he is in a prison in your mind.

8 - Anycolor You Like

9 - Brain Damage
Moment think that Neo went crazy and actually enters and exits the Matrix inside the simulation, movie and music at full relationship.
Right now you can get a clue when Morpheus and Neo are in the white background of the Matrix and an old tv, it shows what appears to reverse the album cover Dark Side of the Moon, and in addition there is a disc in the center appears.

10 - Eclipse
Synchronicity at this point is amazing and at the same time getting the music appears Neo and Morpheus in the "real world" and the simulated disk to the center darkens it forms an ECLIPSE, which is the name of the song. Again the lyrics of the song makes sense with what happens in the movie. Music ends and begins the album, Speak to Me plays and Neo gets sick to perceive reality as well, and Morpheus tells him to Breathe, BREATHE BREATH starts for the second time.
Good friends, like I said I reviewed with the main points of the 1st time that the album plays, the 2nd and 3rd are as or more interesting, I leave them for you to enjoy.
At the moment I do not want to leave my personal opinions on the completion of sync.

To see search Dark Side Of The Matrix on youtube.

Enjoy it and leave your comments, Cheers!


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