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DCnU Ultraman Respect Thread
Started by: One_Angry_Scot

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Originally posted by Demonic Phoenix
Yeah, definitely looks like it is the case in comic books.
It shouldn't be the case in real life though. Inertia's only tied to gravitational mass when not moving afaik. If Hulk/Superman punched each other in our universe, they'd go flying every time. Even though they're probably durable enough to not be gibbed, they aren't massive enough to keep still.

Also, aren't sucker-punches more effective in comics?

Fair enough. This is a respect thread. thumb up

Do the comics show how great Superman's amp was?

By the in real life example I mean say for example the MMA fighter Fedor Emilianenko. You could be the same size as him but due to his strength, ability to withstand pain you might not make him move an inch because you just aren't strong enough.

In our universe Superman & Hulk probably would but it's one of them things where I wouldn't apply comic characters to real world physics haha.

Sucker punches tend to be more effective yes but this isn't always the case.

Not exactly. Only examples really are things vs Mobius where normally would you say Superman could even begin to draw blood. Perhaps even get a hit in without snapping his wrist. It's like Mobius said.

"Killing billions in one go is nowhere near as satisfying"

He's not your average Thanos villain. He's on a whole other level.


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Originally posted by One_Angry_Scot
Nope not as far as I know but to be honest Ultraman is hax tier powerful. If he wasn't weakened by the Sun I think Earth could kiss itself goodbye.

I think it is too much of a weakness for any character. His need for Kryptonite on that Earth is a big vulnerability with how scarce it is.

As for him knocking away the God of Strength Superman, I'm not sure exactly how to take that. Supes wasn't expecting the hit. In the scans with KC Supes, he was ready for it. People who are good at fighting can easily get knocked out, if they're not ready for it. It could be what you are saying or the opposite. Maybe a lil bit of both. As they say, it's up to the writer.


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Home » Comic Book Forums » Comic Book 'Respect' Forum » DCnU Ultraman Respect Thread

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