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Margo Robbie: I, Tonya
Started by: Sable

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Next you will be saying you ACTUALLY enjoy watching figure skating.

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Rick Deckard


Recently saw I, Tonya on Blu. Incredible film, and definitely deserves all of the accolades it received.

I don't always agree with Oscar winners/nominations, but Allison Janney absolutely killed it as LaVona Golden, Harding's mother. Incredible performance here; she physically & mentally transformed herself for this role. She didn't just portray this character, she became the character. I actually think her performance here was better than McDormand's in TBIEM (another great film) and that she should have won the Oscar for best actress.

Prior to seeing the film, I was not that familiar with this case. Sure, I remember it being all over the news back in 1994/1995, but I always thought that TH either actually smashed Kerrigan's knee herself, or had her husband do the deed. Obviously the crime itself was mean-spirited, vicious, and cowardly.

However, the reality re: who did the crime was actually a lot more complex. And, if the events of the film are what actually happened IRL (debatable, obviously), then TH didn't actually want NK to get hurt - she just wanted her to get threatened...maybe?!

Based on the film, the guy that the husband/"bodyguard" got to do this was so incompetent that he actually got the wrong location at first, and then when he was there kept changing his parking place - which was all caught on security camera. All of the people involved here could definitely win the "World's Stupidest Criminals" award re: using credit cards in their own names in the area where the crime took place, Shaun & JG paying the perps. with personal checks in their name, etc. The stupidity/incompetence displayed here was amazing.

Also, JG's friend & Tonya's "bodyguard" Shaun was truly pathetic & delusional.

And, Tonya Harding was definitely an exceptional figure skater. She became well known for all the wrong reasons. However, if the NK tragedy had never occurred, I think she would have become somewhat well-known anyway. If nothing else, at the least she could have continued to skate professionally.

Old Post Apr 23rd, 2018 02:11 AM
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Home » Movies » Movie Discussion » Margo Robbie: I, Tonya

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