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DS Sentry vs. Korvac
Started by: byrdgang21

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You flat lie every time you post.


Or you are making asinine claims that I debunk everytime by showing the true context. thumb up

I give people the win over than if they are clearly above him ie high end skyfathers and above.

Sure. thumb up

You fail to actually accept the feats that are showed to you.

You wilfully ignoring everything that has been established about both characters to make-up your own narrative hardly prove anything but your bias.

But you can give a honest answer if youíre life depended on it.


Everything regarding your view on Sentry and his powers or twisting his showings is fan theory.

I didn't twist anything.

I provided at least 8 proofs coming from the comics and the authors that shows how powerful Sentry is.

You failing to accept it is only a proof of your bias.

Nobody believes you.

That's not an argument, nor do I care what people think because evidences are enough to prove my point.

I demonstrate and if people cannot accept it that's not my problem.

Yeah you have and have never given anyone the win over Sentry.

English please.

Itís shown Hulk beat the shit out of him and he ran out of power/energy.


Sentry was weakened and depowered by his agoraphobia.

Should I reformulate that sentence one thousand time so maybe you finally understand what it means ?

The heroes using the stones were kicking Voids ass n tearing through him with him screaming in agony.

That only pissed off the Void whom one-shotted Loki.

Thor simply finished the job.

Let's see:

* On panel Bob & the Void both ask Thor to kill them despite the fact that all of Thor's attacks, even amped with the Norn Stones, were totally unable to harm the Void before.

** The writer confirmed that the only way for the heroes to beat the Void was because he let this happens.

FYI that's not the first time that the heroes faced the Void with entire teams and they had no way to beat him, never. The only way was to ask Bob politely to stop wrecking their asses.

Thor has never been a challenge to Sentry/Void.


1) Sentry didn't die or anything.

2) It doesn't matter what you want to believe. The writer needed a cheap way to remove Sentry from the scene and avoid him to kill both Thor and Wasp so he did it this way.

The writer has never such concern with weaklings like Thanos. XD

You say Iím projecting etc.

That's an observation.

If so show me asking for scans or not knowing about a scene from the blood and Thunder we was talking about because you begged for a scan and had no clue as to what I was referencing.

Backing-up statements with scans is one of the basics of debating in a battle forum.

I am glad to teach you some basics at debating as you are new with it. thumb up

As I thought you can prove a thing again and are you trying to retard your way out of it.


Type "English lessons" on Google and "Burden of proof".

I'm sure that this can greatly help you improving your next post.


Old Post Sep 27th, 2017 11:52 PM
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quote: (post)
Originally posted by Insane Titan
you suck his dick whilst he mock you laughing out loud . Youíre a nothing, a nobody who doesnít count.

Sure you do, even your failed mental capacity should understand I still gave Thanos the win. All you are is a 2nd rate fan with crappy sci sigs and not the main man.
It is in my profile you turned on Thanos in favor of Superman when you originally said Thanos stomps. You're not a true fan and you're triggered I called you out. LOB wants to read your Judas like behavior. I cast thee out.


Old Post Sep 27th, 2017 11:54 PM
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the Darkone
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quote: (post)
Originally posted by Diesldude
Was it mentioned that that MM was weak or watered down or are we saying this because the sentry defeated him?

Yes he was, he limited himself and his powers was restricted in local area and he wanted to lose

Old Post Sep 29th, 2017 04:16 PM
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