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What if Palpatine surrendered to the B-team?
Started by: Kurk

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Originally posted by One Big Mob
Palpatine would have tried to be a model prisoner until one time he was pushed too far. You'd have the classic scene of him walking with his tray, only to get tripped and fall flat on his face. He looks up and see Dengar and his crew laughing at him. Knowing he could do nothing, he picked his food off the floor and ate by himself.
One day the showers ran red with rectal blood, and that's when Sheev knew he had to get his revenge or die trying.

It sets up a limited six issue comic run, with all star guests, and an even bigger surprise ally - let's just say the Wind blew in a Mace to give him a fighting chance - will Palpatine make it out alive? Will he get his revenge? Find out come April in The Emperor Strikes BackGets Raped
laughing out loud

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Lord Stark
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He'd be ****ed especially from a Legends perspective. The Jedi would seize all of Palpatine's holdings and once they also arrest the Separatist leaders they'd have more than enough evidence to convict him of high treason and conspiracy. They had Gunray's Mechno-chair, they knew Dooku had visited the Works. Once Nute Gunray realized his cover was gone with Lord Sidious captured, he'd probably even sue for peace. Either way, Palpatine colluded with rebel elements of the Trade Federation to undermine the legitimate diplomatic efforts of the previous Chancellor during the Naboo crisis. There are communication records showing him conspiring with Gunray and Dooku. Dooku himself told Kenobi the Republic was under the control of the Sith Lord.


The North Remembers

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I don't even think the separatists even knew who sidious really was....

I think only Dooku, maul, etc knew but other then that no...he didn't meat the other sepratist leaders in person. In the novels I've read he only spoke to them via holonet would they keep him in jail or anything when he effectively controls the army...DERP. They clone troopers obey him without question, the moment he wants he'd just tell them to kill everyone.

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