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Callout to JBL: Superman's Dynamic Factor/Above Top Tier Power
Started by: panthergod

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nobody cares about your thread, all you're doing is reinforcing and spamming the same info that we all knew, and its that superman holds back alot. just like every other hero.

post something relevant, otherwise you're not proving anything we don't know already lmao

Old Post Jun 27th, 2018 05:06 PM
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quote: (post)
Originally posted by cdtm
Superman can't pull his durabiity.

The Fearsome Five KO'd him. Mammoth tossed him around.

And then in round three, after he got his confidence back, he creamed them.

This was during the Byrne era, when he was trying to establish a psionic connection between Superman and his powers (Written by Marv Wolfman though. But he was probably deferring to Byrne on the current direction of the character, aa it was his project to revamp him.)

Gonna give another example to this cdtm, about his durability.

quote: (post)
Originally posted by JBL
FALSE. In order for superman to absorb more sunlight to get stronger, he has to fly to the sun, Now do hulk jump into that dimension? And please don't embarrass yourself and others by bringing up that statement about superman absorbing more sunlight under stress. I'll destroy it in a flash.

Superman's powers period had "turned off" in the instance on Apokolips early Post-CRISIS. If you'd actually read it, you'd have seen he survived the Apokolips Firepits, but was KOed, and the one guy to witness it wasn't believed that someone could survive it. Superman is still unconscious, the guy puts Superman's hand on a flame to show, while Superman is unconscious he's uninjured. He wakes up and his powers are gone, and his hand gets burned. If he's just holding back his strength then just tries harder, instead of literally regulating his powers(meaning they're dynamic) how do you explain that?

You said to show Superman getting stronger without going into the Sun. He literally showed you, the scans for UP, UP AND AWAY after INFINITE CRISIS. He was powerless for a year, they showed his body wasn't absorbing solar energy beyond his skin tanning, and then later when being chased by villains trying to kill Clark, he gets hit by a train, left a hand imprint and got back up. And his powers jump multiple times during the storyline, and he does NOT go into the Sun.

You and Carter both fail to acknowledge this. Is it you're both too incompetent, or you both fully understand this ****s you over because you can't argue against it? And don't bring that bullshit you do about why it doesn't happen every time, this is a desperate attempt to divert attention from the fact you can't answer the questions without admitting you're wrong.

Also, you actually are weaker than a 12 year old girl, DarkSaint was just being nice by saying he convinces you.

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Old Post Jul 11th, 2018 05:42 AM
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