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Green Arrow and Son
Started by: Frostbite883

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The Frost Man

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Green Arrow and Son

What if the Batman and Son storyline never existed and instead Grant Morrison created the comic book story arc called Green Arrow and Son because TPTB at DC told him to?

What would happen if Damian wasn't the son of Bruce Wayne a.k.a.
Batman, but instead he would've been the son of Oliver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow?

Let's say under strange and unusual circumstances, Talia had
a one night stand with Ollie (without both knowing each other's
"dual daily activities") and afterwards, she'd produced a child of his.

What would happen if Damian found his father, Ollie, at some point in time after Ollie and Dinah's wedding?

Would Ollie be a dedicated father to Damian?

Would the existence of Damian hinder Ollie's relationship with
Black Canary (Dinah Lance) and the rest of the Arrow Family?

How would Batman, Superman and other DC heroes and heroines feel
towards Ollie's illegitimate son (as well as Oliver & Talia's affair)?

Would Damian want to be the bearer of the Green Arrow mantle?

How would Damian feel towards Green Arrow and the Arrow Fam?

Do you think Ra's al Ghul would become more and more of a Green Arrow villain over time?

And most importantly, how would you react towards the hypothetical Green Arrow story arc if it existed and you had heard about it?

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KMCs White Whale

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A lot of your questions can be answered by looking back on Connor Hawke’s introduction/integration into the DCU.

The heroes would try and be accepting, even Batman, who’d be like ‘WTF Ollie, you nailed Talia? What is it w. you archers having kids w. female villains?”

He and Dinah would get through it, same as always. She (and the heroes) all know Ollie’s a horndog, and still love him, warts & all.

R’as would of course, feature more prominently in the GA mythos.

The interesting question(s) would be Damian’s take on things.
Would he really lower himself to sidekick for, or try and take up the mantle of whst he’d no doubt consider a B list hero, as full of himself as he is?

As for me, Damian made no impact on me when he showed up, but as a GA character, i would probably have been more interested in him, especially if what i wrote about his reaction to GA was actually happening.


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