Bill Murray Considers 'Ghostbusters 3'

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Bill Murray told reporters that he's open to reprising his Ghostbusters role of Dr. Peter Venkman in a proposed third movie.

"The third one could happen," Murray said in a news conference in New York on Oct. 3.

"There's two fellows from The Office that are writing a script, but I've yet to see it," Murray said while promoting his upcoming family fantasy movie, City of Ember. "And I'm more involved with, you know, trying to get the dessert we ordered at lunch than I am with the new Ghostbusters sequel. But it's possible. It's a great idea that they hired these two guys to do it, because I think it'll be a ... it could be a fresh look at it. And it could be funny."

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Ghostbusters Fa
I only wish I could tell this directly to the head honchos that would make a new Ghostbusters film.

For many years now I have had an idea for the movie plot of a third Ghostbusters film. After the story of Ghostbusters 2, the company has gone global with its success as paranormal investigators and eliminators, and the five original ghostbusters are CEO's enjoying the cushy life of powerful businesmen, getting their hands dirty only when absolutely necessary. All over the globe ghostbusters are fighting spectral entities in the most haunted places in the world. Tie-ins to Ghost-hunters and similar shows would be a must. Meanwhile, one final apocalypse is gearing to burst forth into the world. One of such magnitude that only a world-wide ghostbusting team stands a chance of overcoming. Culminating in a final battle between Ghostbusters International and a demon of unfathomable size, Satan himself would be a good candidate. Appearing after all other evils had been thwarted by the Ghostbusters. At which time the original ghostbusters have to really step in and be the instigation for what will be necessary to destroy the final apocalyptic beast. A showdown which would include the proton guns of all of Ghostbusters International's paranormal eliminators. A great good vs. evil battle with a lot of action and lights but also a realistic sense of finality in epic proportions.
Nice idea!
Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-exactly as ifnormtaion should be!

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