Hollywood Buddha

Starring: Brandi Michelle Bourgon, Nancie Boykiss, Charley Mae Caland, Philippe Caland, Hugette Caland, Theo Cardan, Pierre Caland, Betsy Clark, Victor Castorena, Fouad El Khoury, Phillip Dixon, Susan Knego, Marlo Gazali, Martine Malle, Edward Lin

Director: Philippe Caland
Release Date: April 21st, 2004
Studio: Crosslight Entertainment
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Box Office Total: $67,862
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Synopsis: "Kissing Metal" is the story of Philippe, a down and out European film producer, who lives in a tent in the shadow of his unfinished house in Brentwood. Philippe is struggling to sell a film he made five years ago to foreign distributors. Nearly broke, and on the verge of eviction, he seeks spiritual help from Master Atchoum, a Buddhist Guru. Master Atchoum pushes him into practicing Buddhism and convinces him to buy an expensive metal sculpture of Buddha. Empowered by the support of his new-found "religion," Philippe starts turning things around. Through a series of serendipitous events...and some very unorthodox maneuvering, he becomes a success. But, he soon discovers that all is not what it appears to be...

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