Human Traffic

Starring: Frank Wilson, Eilian Wyn, Larrington Walker, Menna Trussler, Giles Thomas, Patrick Taggart, John Simm, Mark Seaman, Lynne Seymour, Mark Seymore

Release Date: May 5th, 2000
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: Renaissance Films

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Synopsis: For Jip, the endless slacking and McJobbing he endures all week long just kills the time until Friday night arrives. That's when he'll cut loose, meet up with his four best friends and board one raucous rollercoaster that'll take them all on an insane ride straight through to Monday morning. Welcome to the world of Jip, LuLu, Koop, Nina and Moff -- five members of the youthful British modern fast lane that's astonishingly alive with heat, high energy and human traffic. With Jip as our narrator and host, this wildly imaginative, adrenaline-pumped comedy offers a close-up tour of a weekend filled with clubbing, pubbing and partying. Along the way, it also chronicles the ups and downs -- chemical and emotional, hard-luck and high-spirited -- of these five friends.

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