Sean Connery Considers 'Indiana Jones 4' Return

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Five years after apparently closing the dressing room door on his acting career, Connery has confirmed he is considering returning to the silver screen to reprise one of his most popular roles.

The actor says he will read the script for the fourth Indiana Jones movie and, if he likes what he sees, will appear once more as Indiana's father,

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Movie » Indiana Jones 4: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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The Puck Stops Here!
has it really been 5 yrs since he has been in a movie? holy cow
Friendly neighborhood mod
The last movie that I remember Connery in was League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
and you are right on that!!! man what a great movie!
LXG - A Great Movie!!!!! Really????????
The only this thing extraordinary in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was the extraordinary long name. It wan't a great movie.
LXG sucked. Connery would not want to end his career with a stinker like that.He should (and will) return for Indy 4.
the comic kid
sorry gang i liked the league.even if some of the bullet tricks were HOKEY.
it wasnt bad but it wasnt good either but its wuderful that connery is doing this!!!
Connery is a very talented actor, whatever movie he plays in will always refect that, even if the movie itself isn't so well liked.

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