In the Country of Last Things

Starring: Eva Green

Director: Alejandro Chomski
Release Date: 2007
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Synopsis: The story line is based around the scenario that the masses are homeless, theft is so rampant it is no longer a crime, and death — by arranging either suicide or assassination — is the only way out. Buildings collapse daily, driving huge numbers of citizens into the streets, where they starve or die of exposure — if they aren’t murdered by other vagrants first. Government forces haul away the bodies, and licensed scavengers collect trash and precious human waste. Weird cults form around the most popular methods of suicide. Anne Blume (Green) comes to this unnamed city in search of her brother and finds friendship — even love — amid the devastation.

Eva Green In 'In The Country Of Last Things'

Monday, November 13th, 2006

Based on a postapocalyptic quest...