Daniel Craig On 'Casino Royale' Action

Daniel CraigJames Bond star Daniel Craig says that the upcoming James Bond movie Casino Royale will be low on gadgets and high on action. "It was not a debatable issue, and that was from all of us," Craig told Sci-Fi Wire. "That was from [director] Martin [Campbell]. That was from Gary Powell, the stunt coordinator, and [producers] Barbara [Broccoli] and Michael [Wilson]. It was NOT a debatable issue. We are making a movie here [in] which ... any gadget, any kind of effect that happens, is part of the storytelling."

Craig added, "There are a lot of planes landing. They were there to sort of say, 'We're in Miami. Here are the planes.' We couldn't have planes landing in the back of shots, so we had CGI to give us that. But nothing that you see in the movie, stuntwise, is not happening. It's all happening. And if it's not me doing it, it's someone else doing it, and they're getting hurt. You also find out what it's like falling down a flight of stairs. It feels like you're falling down a f--king flight of stairs. And that's what we wanted to feel. We wanted to feel the pain, the pain in it."

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