Peter Jackson To Begin 'King Kong' Next Month

Director Peter Jackson, who has just premiered The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, is to begin work on his $200 million King Kong film, according to the Dominion Poster

Jackson said that, because the film would be set in the 1930s, to create the period it would be easier to shoot about 80 per cent of the film at his Miramar studios. Some of the natural locations, including King Kong's home, Skull Island, would also be shot at the studios.

A key feature of the film is a freighter ship, Manuia, believed to be berthed at Miramar which takes King Kong from Skull Island to New York.

"I'm interested in (King) Kong being quite stylised and the jungles of Skull Island I want to be very over-the-top, like a jungle from hell. I imagine we are going to be more successful pulling that off in the studio or in a back lot than we are trying to find a beech forest in the South Island," he said.

There would be some location shooting for scenes on beaches or in boats, "but I'm not imagining a huge amount".

Jackson confirmed it was likely that Australian actress Naomi Watts, 35, would play Ann Darrow, the role made famous by Canadian Fay Wray in the original. The contract still had to be sewn up, "but it's looking okay".

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