Peter Jackson & Naomi Watts Talk 'King Kong'

Peter Jackson, director of the King Kong remake, says his version of the film will be different from the original, in that it will focus more on character development, especially Kong. "He's a very old gorilla and he's never felt a single bit of empathy for another living creature," Jackson told the Associated Press.

"You introduce this other person into his life which initially he thinks he's going to kill and then he slowly moves away from that and it comes full circle," he said. "That's what we're exploring and its really fun to go into that psychological depth with it."

Naomi Watts plays the female lead Ann Darrow, originally played by Fay Wray. "Those are big shoes to fill," Watts said, adding Wray "did a wonderful job."

"It is an iconic movie and an iconic role. Hopefully people won't suddenly see me as only this role," said Watts.

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