Colin Hanks Talks Jealousy About 'King Kong'

Colin Hanks talked to Sci Fi Wire that his father, Oscar winner Tom Hanks, was both proud and jealous that he'd landed a role in Peter Jackson's epic remake King Kong and got to shoot it in New Zealand.

The younger Hanks plays Preston, assistant and would-be moral conscience of Carl Denham (Jack Black), the overzealous director whose effort to make a movie results in deadly encounters with a giant gorilla named Kong.

"He was very excited," Colin Hanks said of his father during a news conference in New York. "I had actually told my sister first, because she is a huge Lord of the Rings fan, and she screamed for about a good five minutes. And then he actually called me, and he left a message on my voicemail. He was singing, 'King Kong!' And he said, 'You don't remember this, but there was a TV show in the 1960s called King Kong.' He was unbelievably excited."

Colin Hanks (Roswell) added: "In our correspondence while I was in New Zealand I was telling him about the experience of what it was like making this movie and the people I was making it with. And he said, 'As a father, I'm very, very happy for you. As an actor, I'm unbelievably jealous.'"

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