'Men In Black' Producer Talks On Sequel

TV Guide talked to the producer of the "Men In Black" series Walter Parkes, he said that Columbia Pictures is itching to re-team the duo for a third Men In Black flick.

"The studio wants one," confirms Parkes, the producer behind the 1997 blockbuster and last summer's sequel. "We're trying to figure out the auspices of it and what to do to freshen that franchise up a little bit."

Despite grossing a respectable $190 million stateside, MIB II was a dud creatively a fact even Parkes won't deny. "It was a heartbreaking thing," he sighs of the follow-up, which scored its biggest laughs courtesy of a talking pug named Frank. "There were many disagreements among the different principals, and what came out was not a movie worthy of the franchise."

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