Starring: Donny Osmond, Miriam Margolyes, Harvey Fierstein, Miguel Ferrer, B D Wong, Eddie Murphy, George Takei, Pat Morita, James Hong, B D Wong

Release Date: June 19th, 1998
MPAA Rating: G
Studio: Buena Vista International

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Synopsis: Based on a Chinese folk-tale, Mulan is a young high-spirited girl who tries hard to please her parents but always feels like she is disappointing them. Her father is drafted into the army which amounts to certain death because of his old age. Mulan disguises herself as a man and takes her father's place in battle, guided by a guardian dragon, Mushu. At the height of her success her secret is revealed and she is banished from home. But, undaunted she fights and defeats enemy invaders and saves the Emperor, bringing great honor to her family.