My Flesh and Blood

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Starring: Susan Tom

Director: Jonathan Karsh
Release Date: November 28th, 2003
Studio: Chaiken Films
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Synopsis: Documentary about the Tom family -- eleven special needs children adopted by Fairfield, California mother Susan Tom -- and the story of Susan's battle with her emotionally disturbed teenage son. With limited help from the state, Susan cares for a bustling and often chaotic house of children with conditions ranging from genetic skin disease to missing limbs. Encouraged by Susan to feel a sense of self-acceptance, most of the children thrive despite their disabilities. But Susan's limits are tested when her enraged 15-year old son threatens to kill one of his siblings. And when one child unexpectedly dies, the Tom family must come to understand death at an early age. My Flesh and Blood follows the Tom family in what turns out to be the most tumultuous year of their lives.

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