Martian Child

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Starring: John Cusack, Joan Cusack, Bobby Coleman, Sophie Okonedo, Amanda Peet, Richard Schiff, Oliver Platt, Suzy Joachim, David Kaye, Alyssa Shafer, Lauro Chartrand, Carmen Moore, Courtney Taylor Burness, Jessica Amlee, Kirsten Williamson, Samuel Patrick Chu

Director: Menno Meyjes
Release Date: November 2nd, 2007
Studio: New Line Cinema
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Box Office Total: $7,486,906
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Synopsis: Crushed by the death of his fiancée, a writer (Cusack) adopts a 6-year-old boy in an effort to create a family. The boy, who desperately wants a father, is troubled by the idea that he's from Mars.

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