Matrix Gets Late Debut?

It seems that the release date for the Matrix 2 will be pushed back to June 2002 due to the releases of Scooby Doo and Star Wars: Episode II. Corona has more:
'Mr. Black' told us about the possible June 2002 release date for WB's Scooby-Doo, which brings up an interesting point that relates to the Wachowskis' sequels: how does Scooby's release date impact the Matrix 2 debut? According to a highly placed source of ours, WB brass is also comtemplating a June 2002 release for Matrix 2. Originally we heard reports that a May '02 opening was the plan, but not anymore. It would make sense since two high profile movies already have staked out May release dates (Spider-Man and Star Wars, Episode Two), so instead why not aim for a time that allows the film to have a little less competition for audience eyeballs?

While it's possible both Scooby and M2 could conceivably be released in the same month, a lot of this really depends upon whether there will be an actors strike in June, and if so, for how long it will last. Matrix 2 has the longer shoot, so a prolonged strike could force WB to shuffle it to a holiday 2002 release, giving Scooby the summer opening.

Still, we know the plan at this very moment is for Matrix 2 to open sometime in June, but you've been warned that date could change at any time

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