The Matrix Revolutions Review

by David Williamson (david AT damiwi DOT co DOT uk)
November 13th, 2003

I'm a Matrix Fan and the first two films were superb


The Third film has failed to score high with the critics and I'd have to agree.

In fact I believe that this final Chapter was worked purely for the guaranteed box office takings, rather than as a genuine attempt to conclude the story and truly two films would have worked better than three.
The first forty five minutes were completely unnecessary as part of the storyline, appearing only to have been worked to bring the Merovingian back for a brief appearance and of course Persephone and her beautiful cleavage... however it is nothing more than an interlude or packing to fill the film out more. You are left wondering why the Merovingian didn't see Smith as a Threat and team up with the Neo.... this would have made the film much more interesting and exciting.

The dialogue was poor and could have been borrowed straight from George Lucas' recent Star Wars efforts, especially in the battle sequences; gone is the coolness, replaced by mushy exchanges between the lead characters.
This time we have obvious loop holes.

Why battle the sentinels with bullets and rocket launchers at Zion, when all you need is Electro-Magnetic pulses.... a slim excuse is that it wipes out all the electrical devices at Zion too but if so, why did the ships have no such problems... (Shielding maybe ... okay shield your vital systems at Zion, or just switch them off, prior to the pulse). Why was the machine war never won in the first place ???

Smith was undoubtedly the most interesting character in the film (again) but again we are left disappointed with only one line describing why Smith Evolved and in truth, it appeared like the screenwriter couldn't think of a better idea... again it just wasn't an interesting enough answer.

I had always thought that the answer was in Neo being the One; in machine code One is significant due to binary... Zeros and Ones, Smith evolved into Neo's opposite, hence he could have been the Zero... this would have fitted better with the Matrix philosophy of the earlier films.

Ironically... I think Matrix Revolutions will be remembered as the Zero.
Expectations not lived up to.

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