The Mexican

Starring: Pedro Armendariz, Brad Pitt, Gene Hackman, Lawrence Bender, James Gandolfini, J K Simmons, David Krumholtz, Julia Roberts, Bob Balaban, Daniel Zacapa

Release Date: March 2nd, 2001
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: Summit Entertainment

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Synopsis: Jerry Welbach, a reluctant bagman, has been given two ultimatums: The first is from his mob boss to travel to Mexico and retrieve a priceless antique pistol, known as "the Mexican"... or suffer the consequences. The second is from his girlfriend Samantha to end his association with the mob. Jerry figures alive and in trouble with Samantha is better than the more permanent alternative, so he heads south of the border. Finding the pistol proves easy. Getting it home is another matter. The pistol supposedly carries a legendary curse--a legend Jerry is given every reason to believe... especially when Samantha is taken hostage by a hit man to ensure the safe return of the pistol.

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