Johnny Depp Talks 'Pirates 2 & 3' Role

Captain Jack SparrowJohnny Depp says he's worried about leaving his character of Captain Jack Sparrow in the upcoming sequels Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3. "It's weird, because sometimes separation is more emotional than others," Depp told Sci-Fi Wire. "I remember after [Edward] Scissorhands, and I really feel like a dunce having to say this, but it's the truth, ... I remember the last day of that movie, it had been 89 days or something, and I remember after we did the makeup, I looked into the mirror and thinking, 'Well, this is it. This is the last time I'll see you.' So it becomes very emotional."

"What happens to me is that with every character, once you've clicked into that character and you really know the guy, you become very close with him, and you love him," Depp said. "You enjoy playing him. So it's always very, very difficult at the end. There is that week to 10 days before wrap where you can feel and hear the clock ticking, and then you go through sometimes a really nasty kind of depression afterwards. There's an odd separation anxiety, because you've just been this person for a pretty good length of time, and then they're suddenly gone. For me, with Captain Jack, I had a sneaking suspicion that I'd see him again."

Depp says that the upcoming movies will see more comedy than the first. "It occurs to me that Jack Sparrow can be funny," Depp said. "So I'm going to try that this time. I'm just going to try and be funny. I don't know. The ideas of sequels and stuff like that was a very odd notion. I never quite understood the idea of doing that and stuff until you think as an actor that you've played a character for months and months and months. So I wanted to meet up with him again. I just wanted to be him again."

"It's a very strange situation where you're as a grown man having separation anxiety with an imaginary character. It's worrisome, because you know it's not normal, but you can't stop yourself, because I just like the guy. He's a pal," Depp added.

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