Pixar To Animate Rodent In Posh Restaurant

Pixar Animation Studios is developing a potential picture for 2006, which Disney may or may not distribute, says Variety.

The studio has tapped Emily Cook and Kathy Greenberg ('Viagra Falls', 'Quad Couple') to write the screenplay for an untitled project that revolves around the adventures of a rodent in an upscale restaurant.

The projects budget could range from $75M to $124M, as have previous ventures of the studio. However, the big question is, who will distribute the film?

Pixar's current co-production deal with Disney ends in 2005, after the release of Finding Nemo this summer, 'The Incredibles' in 2004 and 'Cars' the year after.

Under terms of the deal, Pixar cannot release an animated picture, except with Disney, until 12 months after delivering a fifth picture, which would mean November 2006.

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