'Trek X' vs. 'Episode II'?

Rick Berman, who is currently developing the 10th Star Trek film is suggesting that the film will have a 2002, possibly going head to head with 'Star Wars: Episode II'.

"Our last three movies have all been released at Thanksgiving time, and that is certainly a possibility with this film, but in their infinite wisdom, the marketing people at Paramount might decide to release this earlier in 2002," he told the Star Trek Communicator

Berman confirmed that Johnathan Frakes, who directed the last two Star Trek films, "is still being considered" for the director role for the next one.

Berman also revealed that the Romulans will be playing a larger role. "What I said was that we would be seeing the Romulans in this movie, which we are, but I did not necessarily say that they were going to be our main villains," Berman said. "We are going to be seeing a new race of villains that I am tempted to talk about, but I won't just yet. We also have a specific villain that we hope will be every bit as exciting and memorable as Khan. ... We always like to tweak some of the alien races, and I'm sure you can expect a fresh, updated look for the Romulans. We have done it before, such as when Denise Crosby played a Romulan and we gave her a look that was somewhat unique. I think there will be some surprises as to what the Romulans will look like."

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