'Star Trek' Sequel Teaser Trailer Description

Dark Horizons today featured a report from a website called TrekWeb that must have gone to the special preview screening at Starbase 21's Trek Expo in Tulsa this weekend of "Star Trek: Nemesis"

Here is the teaser trailer description:

"The 1.5 minute trailer begins with a shot of the Romulan Senate. We hear Shinzon say, "In darkness, there is strength." The Enterprise-E is shown, with (I think) Riker saying "I think that we can truly say that we're sailing into the unknown". Worf then says "I recommend extreme caution," accompanied by a shot of a shuttle launch. We see Data activating B-9. Then, Shinzon comes on screen and says, "It is the time we have dreamed of. the Federation will fall before us." The Scimitar (Shinzon's flagship) is shown cloaking. We see a shot of Data and Picard in the Scorpion Fighter, with Data asking "Do you think this is a wise course of action, Sir?" and Picard replying "We're about to find out," as he uses the shuttle's phasers to blast through a bulkhead.
The trailer shoots into overdrive at this point, giving us quick glimpses of the Remans, Shinzon, the Scimitar, Picard's jeep chase and rescue, followed by the final shot of the trailer, showing Data in a leap from a devastated Enterprise corridor into the cold of deep space. [One] really cool shot in the trailer involved Picard's jeep jumping off a cliff, soaring through the air and landing in the back of a shuttle craft!"

The trailer is set to be online very soon.

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