Daniels Talks Episode 2

The official Star Wars Homing Beacon newsletter features an interview with Star wars veteran Anthony Daniel (C3-PO) who gave an insight into shooting for 'Episode II'.

"It's been, all-in-all, deeply confusing," says Daniels, echoing a sentiment often expressed by his on-screen persona. "I've walked so many miles down so many corridors and strange environments. Also, I'm confused as to where I am in the movie. I ask Artoo, but he never speaks."

Adds Daniels, "Occasionally, I'll shout at George [Lucas], asking where we are going, and he says, 'See the movie.' I said to him yesterday that I was going to have to go to the movie just to figure out what I was doing."

Though said with a sly grin, such confusion is understandable given how few visual cues surround the actors. Every set-up includes areas of blue that will be replaced with the digital landmarks and environments that will complete the scene. "Blue used to be my favorite color," says Daniels, "but I think I've overdosed on it."

Ealing studios is a remarkably different environment than Fox Studios Australia. Down under, the studios were brand new, built to accommodate modern movie crews of impressive size. Ealing, in contrast, is the oldest British film studio, home to the Ealing comedies and the golden age of BBC television.

"Ealing is deeply charming in an old-fashioned, British way," says Daniels. "It has so much history here. In the canteen, there are pictures up of Alec Guinness, and it's kind of nice to think that the spirit of Obi-Wan is with us. Being here is like being on the set of a WWII movie. The food hasn't changed much since WWII, unfortunately."

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