Harrison Ford Turns Down 'Star Wars' Spinoff

Friday, January 12th, 2007

Harrison Ford turned down a 20 million offer to make a new spin-off 'Star Wars' movie.

Hollywood legend Ford, 64, snubbed director George Lucas' big bucks offer in favour of playing heroic archaeologist Indiana Jones again.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "George wanted Harrison to play Indy but cleverly sounded him out about playing Hans Solo instead.

"Harrison was horrified. After that he was delighted to be playing Indy again. He told George he just couldn't face being stuck in a spaceship with Chewbacca again

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That would have sucked!
i agree with you!!
BUT! i really would like to see another tale from the SW wolrds! they have some amazyngs storys to tell!!
Yes, there have definately been some really good stories from the SW universe(Especially the whole Grand Admiral Thrawn saga), but I agree with what Harrison Ford said(Minus the whole Chewbacca thing....That bastard =P). I dont think a SW spin-off would be too good of an idea...Sort of sounds like Lucas wants to make some more money off SW.
if u go to theforce.net they have source saying that this didn't even happen
He was kidding around. never was going to happen.
if they are not going to make films based on the books can they at least make games on them because there are good key points in the story that need to be told
The Puck Stops Here!
wonder wut the story wuld have been...prolly a horrible 1. o well its better this way...Lucas doesnt need to keep ruining SW!
some of the novels are great but i can understand Ford not wanting to reprise that role. i think the star wars universe is fine to continue but with a new story arch. if you want more, read the books.
theres been 6 films already
George should totally write an entirely new story arc with different characters. If theres a past, there can also be a future within the Star Wars galaxy..
Mandrag Ganon
The idea of a Star Wars spin off thouroughly Disgusts me. Besides, A SW spin off wouldn't be a spin off
He's to old to be han again I think he's to old for indy as well but I'd rather see an old indy than an old Solo
The Han Solo prequel books (Paradise Snare etc...) would make good films as long at they did them right as a new arch and they don't interact with the existing films like they did with Eps 1-3 (surely someone else could have made 3PO, really??)
where i can download this film for free?

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