Martin Freeman In 'Svengali' YouTube Adaptation

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

YouTube hit series "Svengali" is being turned into a feature film starring Martin Freeman ("The Hobbit").

It's the story of a smalltown guy from Wales who travels to London to fulfill his dream of becoming the manager of the best band in the world.

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Damn, I actually ended up like Stee and went away for a while. But back at home and back to the Film Pigs. smileI know I'm a miontiry on this, but I actually enjoyed The Hobbit more than I did Fellowship of the Ring. I liked the slower pace and the atmosphere it developed I know people complained it wasn't well-paced, but I enjoyed some of the characters enough to not mind. Particularly Bilbo, definitely. I prefer him over a brooding Frodo so we don't have to depend solely on those two comic-relief hobbits for comedy.While I liked the original book, I wouldn't be able to explain the giant eagles, Gandalf's magic, why a dragon needs gold (seriously, what's he going to do with it?) etc. to you guys. Though in fairness, I've stumbled into so many conversations where people have constantly tried to prove me an idiot for not understanding, I've just come to accept these plot holes as normal.You're not wrong at all, Stee, about the use of too much CGI. I didn't like that whole thing with the goblins for that reason; during the escape, it seemed like the creatures that we were supposed to believe to be there had no weight to them. But what do you think when you see something like Gollum? Do you think there's something there that's achievable for other CGI characters? I enjoyed Todd's theory; I believe it's style over realism that draws us in.

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