Teaching Mrs. Tingle

Starring: Katie Holmes, Lesley Ann Warren, Marisa Coughlan, Barry Watson, Jeffrey Tambor, Vivica A Fox, Molly Ringwald, Michael McKean, Helen Mirren, Liz Stauber

Director: Kevin Williamson
Release Date: August 20th, 1999
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Dimension Films

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Synopsis: All her life Leigh Ann Watson has done the right thing. Her only ticket out of town is the one scholarship that goes to her school's top student. All she needs is an "A" in history. There's just one problem: Mrs. Tingle, the history teacher who for 20 years has terrorized the students of Grandsboro High. Now three best friends, falsely accused of cheating, in completely over their heads, have to prove their innocence and find their way out of impossible situation. The real fun begins when, to stay in the game, they have to outsmart their teacher with the very rules she created.