To Die For

Starring: Buck Henry, Casey Affleck, Dan Hedaya, Matt Dillon, Joaquin Phoenix, Wayne Knight, Illeana Douglas, Holland Taylor, Alison Folland, Nicole Kidman

Director: Gus Van Sant
Release Date: September 27th, 1995
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: Prooptiki

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Synopsis: Suzanne Stone is a small town girl with a dream--to become a famous TV personality--a dream that becomes a nightmare when ambition turns into obsession. Disillusioned with her marriage to Larry, she immerses herself in the pursuit of her career and manages to talk her way into a job at the local TV station. She decides to produce a documentary about kids and enlists the help of three teenagers who seem to have little hope for the future: Jimmy, Russell, and Lydia. Together, they form a powerful and dangerous bond which threatens to blow the lid off their seemingly idyllic suburban life forever.

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