Starring: Brad Beyer, Tori Spelling, Christian Campbell, Camilla, Debbie Troche, Missi Pile, Ricky Ritzel, John Paul Pitoc, Bobby Peaco, Clinton Leupp

Release Date: July 23rd, 1999
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: Millivres Multimedia

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Synopsis: Gabriel is a young, gay aspiring musical theater writer/composer whose life seems to be stuck in the first act. He shares a tiny one-room apartment with Rich, whose robust and heterosexual lovelife has left Gabriel sleeping in the hallway. His best friend, Katherine is a struggling off-off-off Broadway actress who bulldozes through his life with equal bravado. Underwhelmed with the blandness of both his work and life, Gabriel heads out to a local gay cruise bar to liven things up. Dancing high atop the bar is resident go-go boy Mark. Gabriel is enraptured but not brave enough to approach him. He finishes his drink and heads to the subway. As the train rolls downtown, Gabriel realizes that his go-go boy is on the same train. They flirt. When Gabriel gets off at his stop, Mark follows. Having all but secured a perfect one night stand, Gabriel is left with one little problem. They have have no place to go...

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