Va Savoir

Starring: Bruno Todeschini, Helene de Fougerolles, Sergio Castellitto, Jacques Bonnaffe, Claude Berri, Marianne Basler, Jeanne Balibar, Catherine Rouvel, Valeria Cavalli

Director: Jacques Rivette
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Celluloid Dreams
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Synopsis: An Italian theatre company, on tour across Europe, comes to Paris to stage "As You Desire Me" by Pirandello. Within this company, Camille is the leading actress and companion to Ugo, the director of the play and company. She is also the only actress of French origin in the group. It is the first time she has returned to Paris since leaving Pierre three years ago. She secretly fears meeting him again, and not without reason. Ugo also has a secret. Coming to Paris is a chance for him to verify the existence of an unpublished manuscript by the great Goldoni. This search will lead him to the seductive Dominique, also known as Do. Passions will rise, leading to an improbable duel to the death, where each person will have to face the truth, and where the theatre, once again, will serve as a backdrop and a revelation.

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