Starring: Robert Joy, John Fleck, Tina Majorino, Dennis Hopper, Zakes Mokae, Kevin Costner, Rick Aviles, Jack Black, Jeanne Tripplehorn, John Toles-Bey

Director: Kevin Reynolds
Release Date: July 28th, 1995
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Universal Pictures

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Synopsis: Centuries of global warming have caused the polar ice caps to melt, flooding the earth as civilization is left adrift. The inhabitants of this once-flourishing planet cling to life on incredible floating cities, their existence constantly threatened by Smokers--bands of marauding pirates who roam the featureless surface of Waterworld. For the survivors, one chance remains: a solitary hero, known only as the Mariner. Battling the Smokers and their ruthless leader, the Deacon, the Mariner sets out with a beautiful woman and a mysterious little girl on a search for a new beginning.

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