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Starring: Mark Ruffalo, Kathleen Robertson, Maya Stange, Petra Wright, Kel O'Neill, Joshua Spafford, Zach Shaffer, Joey Kern, Evan Neumann, John A. MacKay, David Thornton, Melissa Guion

Director: Austin Chick
Release Date: April 11th, 2003
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: IFC Films
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Box Office Total: $103,874
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Synopsis: When Sam (Stange) and Thea (Robertson) meet the irreverent young artist Coles (Ruffalo) at a college party, their mutual attraction is immediate, leading to a passionate, if not awkward, night together and the onset of an intensely charged bond. Yet as they continue to push the sexual boundaries of their friendship, they are challenged by Sam and Coles peculiar romance and Thea's increasing recklessness until the relationship dissolves amid a shroud of lust, resentment and mistrust. Flash-forward 10 years and the former friends are a lifetime removed from their wild college days. A failed filmmaker resigned to work as an animator for a high-profile ad agency, Coles now lives with his girlfriend of five years, Claire (Wright). Sam has just returned to Manhattan after working in London where she recently broke off her engagement. While Thea is happily married to Miles (Thornton), with whom she owns a flourishing restaurant. As Coles and Sam are thrust back into each other's lives after a random encounter, Coles finds himself struggling to distinguish between his newly realized love for Sam and his current relationship with Claire. During a weekend trip to the Hampton's, old feelings and hard choices come to the surface as Coles is forced to confront himself for the first time in his life - a confrontation that either will give him closure on unresolved issues or shatter the life he has managed to built for himself.

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