Director McG Talks 'Charlie's Angels 2'

Charlies Angel 2: Full Throttle director, McG, spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming movie.

That heavenly, hot-panted trio of detectives from "Charlie's Angels" -- Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu -- is back to tackle...a sequel to the $125 million-grossing original.
Along with more of those technorhythmic kung fu moves, the film will feature girl-on-girl-on-girl motocross mayhem, zippy dance scenes, oh and blatant bathing-suit frolicking. "Demi goes toe-to-toe with Cameron in a bikini," enthuses returning director McG. "A very powerful woman who has three children, and being the best she can be. It's very inspiring." "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" (opening June 27) will, in fact, mark the 40-year-old Moore's first film since 2000's flop "Passion of Mind." Barrymore, also a producer, persuaded the actress to sign on.

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